05 December 2013

Happy Fall Wrap Up

Here are several pictures of some adventures that I didn't get the chance to publish before fall changed into winter.

One of Max's favorite things is when the leaves fall, and Dad can make a huge pile for him to jump in.

Max's school had a pancake feed fundraiser with CrisCakes. Paul was the brave one who chose to catch some cakes.

Our farm, Pendleton Farms, hosted a Monarch Watch tagging. We all three tagged monarchs before they headed south to Mexico. Anxious to check and see if they made it!
Love how he studies things. Here, it is a chrysalis.

Max's favorite place: in the trailer behind Farmer John's tractor.
Going over the tags. 

Max also really loves cooking. Here, he helps me make some butternut squash ravioli from our farm-fresh squash.

One afternoon, Uncle Rob came for a visit. Max had a pancake and sausage. And then...

 ... he tried to force Rob, the vegetarian, to eat the sausage. NO, Rob, NO!

A couple pics I forgot from our October trip down to Wichita.
Max got a special gingerbread cookie from the waiter at Picadilly;
Grandma Cathy photobombed him.
Max and Dex stopped running for a second.
They hugged and I tried for a quick pic.

Cuddles with Grandma Cathy.
Back in Larryville...

Making lists. Many lists.
Important lists on the clipboard.
Tennis practice. 
I think that's it before the fun of the holiday season!

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