30 October 2010


Because Max so loves Kelly, and because Kelly so loves Bill, I decided to post this for all posterity:


21 October 2010

16 October 2010

Race Day

In the days of old, Mommy used to race.

Olathe 2006 with my eScreeners

Me and Brian Smith!

All of the starters and finishers of 26.2!

San Francisco 2007 by myself

I really can think of no better way to end 13.1 miles than with a fireman handing me a Tiffany Box containing an awesome medal necklace.

So it is very important to me, while I'm injured and can't run, to keep Max enthused about running, racing, and the fun of it all.

Today, we stepped outside to cheer on the KC Marathoners. We live between miles 14-15 on the route - the crucial beyond half-way point that tells the runners to JUST KEEP GOING. So Paul, Max, and I did just that. We cheered, waved pom-poms, and yelled for runners.

What a great cheerer!

And hopefully by next year, Max can cheer for Mommy for the first time. That would be so very wonderfully awesome.

Happy Running!

14 October 2010

Life on the market

Max and I got a call from the showing service at 7:45 this morning for an 11:00 am showing. While that may see early for some of you, it is PERFECT timing for us. Time to clean the house, get out, play, eat lunch, and come home for a nap.

While I furiously cleaned the house, turned on the appropriate lights, and Febrezed, Max tried to mop a little, but quickly gave up in favor of a Thomas video. I finished the house by 10 am, and we got out so that it would stay clean.

Our first stop was Southmoreland Park, where our Annual Shakespeare in the Park festival is held. It is also across the street from the Nelson-Atkins MOA.
And though there was a playground - I swear - Max was obsessed with all of the school buses parked by the Nelson taking happy kiddos on field trips.

After enough time with the busses, we crossed the street for some action in the park. There were TONS of geese. We tried for a few real artsy photos in front of the Nelson, but you all know how Max is with pictures.

A few seconds after the last picture, the entire flock of geese was bothered by a dog and proceeded to take off right over our heads. Max stood VERY still, and I had to squat down because they were so low to the ground. It was a little bit scary truthfully.

But that's okay because then a homeless family under a nearby tree started laughing, then wanting to see Max up close. It was time to go.

As Max and I pulled away from the park to our next location, we saw across the street none other than our favorite meteorologist NBC's Gary Lezak. If he hadn't been on the phone...

Finally, Max and I made our way up to Eggtc for some brunch. He flirted with every waitress in the place.

Ladies' Man.

Now he is upstairs trying to nap. But as usually, his nap is being proceeded by a LOT of talking.

It was, all-in-all, a perfect date for Max and I.

08 October 2010