23 December 2013

Christmas is Coming: Winter Miscellany

A few pictures from daily life. Or from my job. Or Max's job. Work. Life. Whatever.

Last week, before it was winter, Max and I took advantage of the warmer temps for some Winter Ball! Already thinking of our Royals! 

The form is coming! 

There was the time he tried to eat the gingerbread train. Don't worry. He got as far as the top of the engine and gave up.

There was the day I was in Hyvee and saw these ice cream treats. I sent this picture to Rob and we fondly remembered having them as kids. Good times.

 There was that KU game when I snapped the picture of Pam elbowing Ron in the background. Ron on the left by the bar (no hat), and Pam with the right to his shoulder. Gotta watch those grandparents. :-)

 There was the impossibly tiny Metal Earth 844 Steam Locomotive model kit that Rob bought for Max in Portland yet left Mommy to put together. I did DAAAANNNNGGGGG good. :-)

The beginning - ish.

Bout ready to join that stuff up! 

And four hours later, Max's 844.
To be fair, Phil did the same thing with a tiny Titanic in Michigan, and expertly packaged and delivered here for Christmas to Max. I must say, despite all of the work, these things are pretty cool.

There was the time it snowed and took down annoying Santa across the street.

Man down! Man down!
There was the time we got 2/10ths of ice and then 5 inches of snow on top of it. Uggghhh.
Happy as a, well, little boy on a snow day!
He seriously woke up, and then he said, "Snow! Oh Daddy, can I please shovel?"
We shall see how long that lasts. :-) 
There was the time he was soooo happy about the shaving kit from Grandma and Grandpa B. And then it turned him blue like a smurf, but it was okay because we just had two baths to wash it off. :-)

He's like a commercial, people. Somebody put this kid in pictures! Oh wait! I did. HAAAAAAHHAAAA!

There was the time Max thought all Christmas cookies should just be trains. And really, in our house, it's all about trains! 
Train cut-out. Check.
What kind of Christmas cookies do we make here? Train ones!! 
And finally, a precious little boy had a long winter's nap. And melted my heart all over again. :-)
Love this cool dude.

Christmas is Coming: School Pageant

So, it wasn't exactly the Best Christmas Pageant Ever vis a vis the book - or the movie - but it was pretty cute when Max's preK class put on the annual telling of the Nativity at school.

I had actually forgotten to bring the snack that day, so as Paul was lunching, he got a panicked call from me to bring our Cuties and pretzels. As he was arriving, the play was beginning, so he got to watch, too.

Angel telling Mary what is going on!
Max is the middle shepherd in red, holding a tiny stuffed sheep.

All the people gather round the manger.
Max is sitting right by it.

Max is peering at the baby Jesus.
Oh wait. No, he's not. He told us that his sheep was hungry,
and he thought baby Jesus would share his hay from the manger. Classic.
 Here's the video:

And the after shots!

Shepherd - Represent!

Another try at a group picture.

At least Max looks cuddly here. :-) 

17 December 2013

Christmas is coming: Preschool Christmas Program

This past Sunday, Dec. 14, Max's preschool had their annual Christmas program. Max and I had started negotiations on program wear well over a month ago. We agreed that if he got to pick the nice sweater, I could have him wear khakis. And bonus, he could wear a digger t-shirt underneath as his own secret. 

So, here is the fashion plate himself. 
Apparently, he chose the sweater because polar bears are cute.
Good enough.
We were a few rows back. We had not bid on the "good seats"
during the pancake fundraiser auction. (eyes rolling)

Chillaxing on stage.
Looking for the parents.
Now, for your listening "pleasure".

And my favorite, Feliz Navidad!

After the performance, Max did a little mugging for the camera.

Gavin, AJ, Max, and Thomas up front.
Paxton, Devyn, Jacob, and Ben in back. Don't think Ben picked his sweater.
Max also looks like a preview of his 18-year-old self. Handsome kid.
Max and Quinn, in front of the tree.
I got this more because he was ready to be done with the camera.
He got goofy and I got lucky with the shot.

After the program, I followed up with my promise to put together a gingerbread train.

Getting ready to glue the pieces together.
Decorating and eating oranges.
Precisely decorating.

Closing in on the finished product! 

15 December 2013

Christmas is coming: Max and Mom date in KC

So, sometimes Max and I miss our times in KC - running around the parks, seeing our friends, Crown Center, Union Station, Costco, Plaza, Trader Joe's. Once in a while, I get a bug in me and just decide that he and I need a KC day.

For our day, we decided to start by visiting Crown Center. First, we saw Santa. Then we ate at Fritz's, Max's favorite restaurant because trains circle the ceilings, delivering food.
Fist-bumping Santa.

Thinking very hard about his answers to Santa's questions.

Cuddles with the big man.

My photo of the original photo.

Loves eating at the train place! 
 After our time at Crown Center, we walked the walkways to Union Station to see the model train display. They had updated everything for Christmas. And now that Max has been using his awesome Polar Express at home, he was really interested in the scenes at Union Station.

In the front of Union Station, Max took a photo with the big tree.

One of the best parts of our day was a chance meeting of our friends, the Trenkles, at Union Station. Katie was there taking card photos of Annie and Molly. And as usual, Katie had the magic touch and captured this photo of these two cuties. Lifelong buddies. :-) Makes my heart smile really, really big.

Max and Annie. BFFs. (And the mommies are glad of it, too!)
I love taking my boy out for a special day. He deserves it!