22 November 2009

Another day in the life... Late Fall 2009

Max has had a TERRIBLE cold the past few days. Finally, after a fun-filled trip to Costco, he began to show signs of life again! One of his favorite things to do these days is to watch from the window above the garage. He watches Daddy leave on the mornings I don't work, he waits at the window about 4:15 each day, saying "Da-da, da-da, da-da...," and he watches Daddy do yard work.

One of Max's other favorite activities is to play "fetch" with himself. He likes to throw balls, rings - anything that will fly - across the room and chase after them. The boy really gets in quite the workout!

26 October 2009

New man - every day!

In the past weeks, Max has a few new things under his belt. 1) He will now feed himself puffs and his own bottle. It's really very freeing for us.

He has now graduated to crawling on all fours - no more trench action for Max. And he has learned to pull up on furniture - or any other object taller than himself. Today, he even started trying to cruise along the couch.

Max always looks pretty proud after each new task is accomplished. And we, of course, encourage that

13 October 2009

Swinging and Rocking

Here, Max is up to one of his favorite activities - swinging at the park. That was when it was nice out. Unfortunately, we've taken a cold turn here - not so much park time.

At my dad's 60th birthday party, Max had his first attempt at using a rocking chair. It is one that has been in my Dad's family for ever - and he used to rock in it as a little boy. Now it is Max's turn.

He's growing up so much every day! Most recently, he has learned to pull himself to standing on whatever tall objects loom nearby. Paul and I now make bets on when our little 8 month old will be able to walk.

More video to come soon - time with Great Grandad Gatton and Halloween will follow!

15 September 2009

Do the Locomotion with me!

Max began this evening by inching his way to the phone while Kelly and Grandma B were talking to us about Kelly's upcoming visit. When she hung up, we had to call backup to get Max to crawl more.

Grandma Cathy answered and talked him across the floor!

13 September 2009

08 August 2009

Rocking and Rolling

All of this rocking on our hands and knees has Mom a little worried. Can you say baby gates? Yikes.

07 August 2009

Wisconsin Fun Times

It's been a while since our last post. Max is about to reach another milestone - 6 months old! My how time flies. He has now mastered the art of flipping both ways, which has now given way to rolling. He is mastering, and doing quite well, the art of sitting up. He can even push up on all fours and start rocking already. Quite scary, really. As he's been growing, we've added cereal, sweet potatoes, squash, and carrots to his diet. Next week, we start green veggies and go to the doctor for a check-up. In the meantime, here are some shots and videos from Max's first trip to the cottage in Wisconsin.

14 July 2009

Just like Mommy...

And lastly for this batch, Max shows off his piano genius.

Use the Force, Max

More Daddy playtime. Here, Daddy was supposed to be getting Max ready for a bath. However, there was a bit of a detour, so to speak.

Fourth of July Fun

Max has had a lot of awesome adventures so far this summer, from meeting his cousins to visiting his Uncle Rob and Aunt Sara's place in the Grove.

Here is some footage from the Fourth of July - his first time to Grandma and Grandpa Gatton's house and his first time in a big pool. And no, the floatie is not one of those recalled. He's safe. :-)

Here's some video of Max watching his first fireworks. We just did some small bright ones so he could see them.

21 June 2009

Just for Laughs

The giggling has started to come out a little more in the past weeks. We never know what will prompt our little man to do it, but last night, as he was getting sleepy, he started his little chuckles. Our FAVORITE sound by far!

Summer Fun on Father's Day

In honor of Paul's first Father's Day, we had a big breakfast at home and Susan mowed the lawn while Paul played with Max and cleaned the kitchen. After that, we decided to fill up the little pool and have some fun with Max. He was a little hesitant at first, but eventually took right to it. Thanks to Aunt Judy for the great sun hat!
Just testing the waters...

Now I get it!

05 June 2009

Daddy Time

One of Max's favorites, Daddy Time, now has a soundtrack!

The Reverse

While most babies first learn to flip from their stomachs to their backs, Max decided to take the road less traveled and flip from his back to his belly. He started this new trick just Monday when we visited my friends the Kroeker-Zemanskys in Lawrence, and he's kept us pretty entertained with it since then.

He turns 4 months old next Tuesday, June 9, and has his 4-month shots on Wednesday. We'll also find out what the doctor says about his height and weight. I'm thinking we're at the top of the charts still!

23 May 2009

He may look like Paul...

but he can sure sound like me sometimes! We are currently considering relocating the cat, Bailey, as she hears Max and considers him another animal now. So, while Max currently outweighs her, he's just not agile enough to pounce back. Enjoy the screaming, and think to yourselves: Hmmm - this is what Susan hears for most of the day every day. No wonder she's crazy.

And more...

Scooting Around - April 26

Here is some video from last month of Max trying to scoot his way to freedom. He loves it when we take his socks off, and he can get some traction on the playmat. Now, he turns circles for fun.

12 April 2009

A Day in the Life

Max spends many days doing lots of different stuff - tummy time, batting toys, reading, sleeping. Here is an example.

Max also had some fun at Grandma and Grandpa B's with the walking Winnie the Pooh. Okay, fun may be the operative word, but it was fun for us to watch.

29 March 2009

Snow Day

Due to our most recent, and hopefully last, snowfall of the season, Max felt the need to dawn the bear snowsuit that GG got him. We thought he looked adorable. He, apparently, felt like the kid from A Christmas Story. All of this is just going to be such great blackmail material for the high-school years!

27 March 2009

Another favorite activity

Daddy time!!

A Favorite Activity

One thing Max likes to do is, uh, clear out his pipes. And we enjoy watching him try.

23 March 2009

Happy Baby

So it has been many months since I tried to create this blog, but here we continue. Max Aaron Borchardt was born Feb. 9, 2009, at 11:32 am. He was healthy and happy at 7 lbs 13 oz and 19.5 inches long. Today, he's 6 weeks old, almost 12 lbs and almost 2 ft long. Our boy is growing and doing lots of crazy things. And hopefully, I can keep everyone up to date!