15 December 2013

Christmas is coming: Thanksgiving Weekend!

This year, we decided to switch things up and stay home over Thanksgiving. It gave us a chance to spend some time with Grandma and Grandpa B as well as enjoy a lot of things Lawrence has to offer that we had not done before!

After a Turkey Day of good food (Thanks, Grandma B!) and some Jayhawk basketball, Paul and I got to have a date night, including seeing Catching Fire and a little early bird shopping for Max's Christmas.

As part of our Thanksgiving prep, Max and I made these wicked awesome turkey cookies.
First, we separated our candies by color.
Then we had a cuddling selfie. 
Then we had a crazy selfie.
Piecing together the birds. Max did a lot of the work this year. Pretty fun.
Finished bird.
A few Thanksgiving turkeys! 

And quite possibly, the best picture of Thanksgiving!

On Black Friday, we avoided the shopping malls and headed to the Christmas tree farm outside of town!

Oh ttttrreeeee! Where are you?

The Borchardt men carry away a beauty.
After a quick rest, we all headed to downtown Lawrence for an annual holiday tradition that we'd never taken part of since moving here. On the Friday after Thanksgiving, Santa appears on the top of Weaver's downtown. The Lawrence Fire Department must show up to rescue him. In the middle of the fun, my phone flipped out, so I got the pictures I could.

Waiting. Grandma photobomb! 

Max is keeping his eye on Weaver's rooftop. Don't want to miss the big guy.

What is that up there?

There he is! 

I heart all the weirdness of my town.
Keeping an eye on Santa to make sure the LFD gets him down safely.
Thank goodness. He made it into the rescue ladder. Sorry for the bright lights.
The fire department kept the cherries on the whole time.

Ah. Almost safely on the ground.
It was a big couple of days.We were all exhausted after so much fun! KU took it down with the loss in Atlantis, but we kept the spirit alive here with some tree decoration and Christmas light seeing!

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