22 September 2011

Worlds of Fun!!!

Over Labor Day, we decided to live it up and take Max to Worlds of Fun. We went after 4 pm so we'd be half price, thinking Max probably wouldn't last too long. Right. Well, we left at 9 pm. Yep - kiddo kicked it for 5 hours at the park. Crazy!

But honestly, it was SOOOO fun. Once he got the whole groove of waiting in line, riding, getting off, going to another ride, rinse, repeat, he loved it. The Planet Snoopy section had so many rides and a number he could ride by himself.
So, there are a bazillion pictures. Excuse me if I don't edit much. :-)

First Ride

Hopping on the big train for a WOF tour.

Little train in Planet Snoopy
- a happy place where Max could ride most things himself!

Getting ready for the Caterpillar Roller Coaster.





So sweet and innocent. Ahhh.

We took a break to grab some pizza and regroup. Oh - and we rode my favorite ride, the Viking Voyager!!

Viking Voyager
Max loved it until the very last drop. He wasn't too sure and grabbed my legs pretty tightly. But after we got off the ride, he said, "Again, again." Thrill-seeker!

As night fell, we hit the rides in Planet Snoopy again.


Coaster - little more gentle



 And mommy got her reward, too! Funnel Cake! Heck ya!

So it was an awesome day. Glad Paul talked me into it.

It also made me think of all my parents did while taking me and my two brothers here when we were little. It's a LOAD of work to manage even one kiddo at the park, much less three. And it's expensive and exhausting. But is very rewarding, too. And I feel like I got a little insight into just a piece of what my parents did for us when we were little. Thanks guys. Glad we were able to pass this on to Max.

18 September 2011

Fall Pep Rally/ Storm Damage

As always, we had our yearly tradition of attending the Prairie Village KU fall sports pep rally. 
No crazy storms during the pep rally. Of course, afterward was another story! 

Big Jay - not as scary as he once was.

Baby Jay - even better.

High Fives!

What a nice family picture. Ha! 

My Christmas Card photo. I wish he always kept the beard!

Oh yeah -my husband! Max loved his pom-poms!

Of course, the major thunderstorms that came through later that night did a little tree damage and took out our power for three days. Oh well. At least we live it up when we can!
Backyard neighbor's tree fell against our roof.
At least it didn't rip out the power line right beneath!

Another view of the tree against our house.
Paul and I woke up to the sound of the girls' tree falling on our house. Paul went downstairs to investigate and saw the following happen.

The real culprit in our next door neighbors back yard.
Someone else's tree split and took out the power pole and wires. 

We camped for three days, but it was all good. Spent time at Union Station, the mall, and lots of restaurants!

Playgroup Fun

Here are some fun pictures from playgroup outings this summer!

The Discovery Center near the Nelson has lots of great nature displays. We visited one Friday, and the workers put together a nature show, including showing the kids turtles and snakes, as well as an activity - all spur of the moment. It was a nice welcome from a fun place!

Touching a turtle!

Painting leaves with Aiden and Theo.
Another fun trip took us to the zoo. After seeing some animals, riding the carousel, and playing on the playground, the kids had snacks and posed for pictures. Max made the most of his opportunities.

Group shot: Daniella, Aiden, Julia, Jane, Max

Group shot: Aiden, Julia, Jane, Annie, Max, Theo

Aiden, Theo, Jane, Charlotte, Julia, Annie, Max.
Can you see how he's gravitating to the girls??

Making a move.

And he gets the girl! Poor Annie.

Cause then he looks over at Jane! 
Sly fox.

Back to fun, innocent little boy.

Anyhow, just a taste of some of our fun at playgroup.

In other news...

Before I get to posting about our recent big outings, I wanted to catch up and post a few fun things!

New bedding:
Because Max has been such a good boy about staying in his toddler bed, we bought him all new Cars sheets. He loves it!
Hello! I love my Cars sheets, PJs, and cup. :-)

Summer School Pictures:
Yes, I was a sucker and bought the way pricey school pictures. The company dressed the kids up and took photos. How they got Max to actually look at the camera and smile at the same time, I do not know. But I bought it! 

The arm patches just got me on this one.

Future Dust Cover photo.

Just cuteness!
Cute Pictures! 
Just because.
Coloring with Daddy at Mama's 39th St Diner.

Grilling his peanut butter sandwich.

Chocolate cake. All over the face.

After-nap crazy hair.