24 September 2010

Labor Day Visit

Over Labor Day, we enjoyed a visit from my dad (Grandpa Fuzzy) and my stepmother (GG). They came bearing gifts: a little farm set, some new books, and a new school outfit as well. We had a nice dinner on Saturday night, then we enjoyed some early Sunday morning time at South Lake Park.

Max had lots of fun and really enjoyed having Fuzzy push him on the swing!

Of course, with an entired playgroud to himself, Max chose to scale the concrete walls around the playground. Always testing us, that kiddo!

After a visit with GG at the hotel,

we had to get Max back home for a nap. He crammed lots of fun into two days!

Coming up: A visit from Rob, Sara, and Aunt Buffie during the Plaza Art Fair! Bring on fall!!

01 September 2010

Because these are cute...

Polka Max: Max loves him some Big Joe's Polka Show


I love my boys!