02 March 2012

Springtime Date

One of the advantages to having our house on the market is that it is almost always clean. Really clean. The other advantage is that when we have showings, Max and I have a great excuse for a date.

Yesterday, the weather was so springlike: 70, sunny, slight breeze. So during yesterday afternoon's showing, we hit Loose Park. We avoided the craziness of the playground area and decided to head over to the pond.

Max was great walking around the pond
and telling the geese to get away.

Running with handful of sticks. Why? Because Borchardts pick up sticks.

Time out from walking for a little play break.
After the pond, we headed into the wide open space and took in the sun and the breeze. We watched the dogs play, people walking by, and airplanes flying overhead. It was amazingly relaxing and refreshing.

Watching a dog in the distance.


What I got when I asked him for his cute face. :-)

So glad we've had such a great spring so far. This kid loves the outdoors, and I love spending time with him there.  Paul is taking a few days off during the tourney, so I'm hoping we get some more great days. Maybe a picnic in Loose Park with Daddy? :-)

Happy March!