26 May 2011

Play Time

Most of you get to see Max when he is all revved up and excited. And he is often this way, even just with us. For example, Saturday morning basketball is one of his favorite games.

You know we've been trying to teach Max some D, too.

There are moments of quiet play, playing by himself, where he invents little stories, games, and such that not everyone gets to see. So when he started playing with his farmhouse, and, of course, putting his Hot Wheels on the farm, I took a few videos from my phone so everyone can see how funny and special this little guy is in his quiet moments. (Sorry it's all parsed up;I didn't want to go get the camera because that usually distracts him.)

So cute and sweet. We love that little man.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend! Here's to hoping little Baby Cousin arrives this weekend for Ben and Jamie! Can't wait!

05 May 2011

KU Spring FB Game

Last weekend, we enjoyed the great weather and headed to Lawrence for the KU Spring FB Game. It's our third time to go with Max. (Seriously - he's that old. CRAZY) He's becoming a pro!

He headed to the kids zone for some pregame fun looking at fire engines and getting a free bike helmet. 
In front of the city's new huge ladder truck, wearing the new bike helmet.

Inside the firetruck's cab!

Then we moved to the practice fields for some running around and football with Dad.

Nice form; good ball protection.

Quarterback sneak!


Going in for the touchdown!

Tossing the ball around.

After a tailgate in the Williams Fund tent, we headed inside to watch the game. It took Max all of 15 minutes to get too "active" to sit, so he and I toured the Hill while Paul watched some of the game. Amazing, the kid - after all of the pregame running around - climbed up Mt Oread by himself. He wouldn't let me hold his hand or anything. Where does he get that energy!

Here are some shots of him with the Campanile. While he did walk all the way through and back out, I'm doubting it will affect his changes of graduating. Besides, he'll be at MIT anyway, right? Ha!
We finished our hunt to find out where the bells were...

In the Campanile... aha!

Out from the Campanile. Mystery solved.

 Springtime fun continues!

01 May 2011


Because the weather was SOOOO nice the last few days of April, Max and I spent some quality time at Loose Park.  That means lots of slides, climbing, walking in the rose garden, walking to the pond, and lugging my 30-lb weight back to the car after he is done walking. Ha! But, it also means lots of fun. Here is a taste.

The "slide-tunnels" were his favorites. And yes, he went down this giant slide. Once. 

Little bitty Max. Great big park.

Big trees.

Rose Garden Fountain. Kid is crazy about fountains lately.
And now for some famous sliding videos!

And I'm sure we will have many more days of spring "parking" ahead!

Easter 2011

Before the bunny...

This year, we spent Easter Day with Grandma and Grandpa B. The weekend prior, when in Wichita, Max had opened Easter baskets and presents from his other grandparents. Fuzzy and GG got him the cute train basket, some eggs, Peeps, and cute plaid outfit, and other toys. Grandma Cathy and Grandpa Joe loaded him up with new cars and Cars. Boy - this kiddo cleans up!

On Easter Sunday, though rain was forecast, we didn't see any until late night. In the morning, we enjoyed an egg hunt in the Borchardts' backyard. Fun and fascinating, as Max really got what he was doing this year!

The look of determination cracks me up!

A final once-over before heading inside.

After hunting outside, Grandma B had some surprises for Max inside.

Lotsa loot!

Thanks to Phil who photoshopped out Paul's feet so we could have an all-smiles picture of Max.

The egg hunt had helped us work up an appetite, so we had Easter Brunch at the Oread Hotel in Lawrence. Lots of tasty treats. Max was so happy, he even sang about his cupcake:

The happy family on the 5th Fl Terrace. I love campus!

Happy Easter to all!