20 July 2011

An Interim Post: Bowling

An interim post as Grandpa B really wants Grandpa Joe to see this video of Max's first big kid bowling at the Jaybowl in Lawrence over the Borchardt Anniversary Weekend. It's from my phone, so I apologize for the quality.

Catching Up! - Friends of the Zoo Summer Nights

On the one weekend we were at home in June, we took advantage of our Friends of the Zoo membership, and we hit up the Sunset Safari. Paul and Max are great fans of the zoo. Paul enjoys the animals and teaching Max about them; Max enjoys running around with more freedom than usual.

Anxious for a boat ride!


Max and Daddy!
After exploring the boat rides and Africa, we got some dinner at the snack bar. It was not so notable. But Max's endless flirting with the little girls at the next table - now that was something.

They had an entire section of different cars for little ones. As expected, Max had to try them ALL.

 Driving may not be top on the skills list:

In the jaws of the beast!


We wrapped the night up with time on the Carousel. And Max is still not a fan. They tried. :-)

More catching up to come!!!

17 July 2011

Catching Up! - June Day Out with Thomas

The week after Dex was born and we did the River Run, we spent a really fun day with Uncle Rob and Aunt Sara attending A Day Out with Thomas. As many of you know, Max and Rob share an affinity for all things trains. And Rob really likes to spoil Max by going to all train events, miniature trains, and getting him train toys.

During the DOWT, we met up in Baldwin City, KS, and hit the festivities. We started by taking pictures with the Thomas Engine itself, then moved on to playing at train tables, playing fireman, and coloring. They really have a lot of activities for the kiddos.

Max and Rob (or as Max says, "Wob")

Love the look of concentration when he plays. He's so particular.

The fireman/darth vadar look.

Creepy Topham Hatt

All aboard! Max got his ticket stamped and got in line to get in the cars.

Sara and Rob

Train lovers.

Happy Fivesome!

It was Max's first "real" train ride, and I can't think of a better passenger to share it with than Rob. Max kept his eyes on every part of the operation, commented on how the trains moved back and forth (wiggled), and was fascinated watching the attendants move between cars. Nothing gets past this kid.

After our time at Thomas, we grabbed lunch at a local place renamed the Rogue Wave (a seafood place in the middle of Kansas) before heading home. There, Max enjoyed the "spoils" from his day. Thanks Uncle Rob for the cool train set. And thanks Grandma B for the coal-dumping Thomas.

All in all, it was a great day with great company. And we all talked about how we can't wait until we get to have Dexter with us on our next Day Out with Thomas!

14 July 2011

Catching Up! - May/June Arizona, Jeanette's B-day, River Fest

Okay - so as I said, I'm WAAAAYYY behind in blogging. Mainly because summer has been crazy busy. So if you don't see your part or day posted yet, it is not because I don't love you. I'm getting there!!!

In May, we had a first: Mommy's first trip away from Max for more than 150 miles and more than one night. I traveled to Phoenix to see my friend/pretty-much-sister Beka Zemansky graduate from the Arizona State University Cronkite School of Journalism. Beka has had a pretty amazing journey in life, and this was one of the great moments I got to share with her and her boyfriend Steven. They were fantastic hosts: we shared food, fun, laughs, British tv, and so much. She is an amazing journalist, and you should check out her site: http://rebekahzemansky.com/

Some of our fun:
View of downtown Phoenix from B/S's apt.

B and her editor, Steve.

Steven and Beka. Awesome couple; awesome friends.


Yep - she did it! Hooding!!
Most importantly though, while Mommy got to go and play, Max got the vacation resort treatment from Grandma Cathy and Grandpa Joe. Thank you so much to them for giving me my first vacation. I missed Max, but it was nice to know he was getting spoiled rotten and loved on. Lucky boy and lucky mommy.

Flying the souvenir jet plane Mommy got at the airport.


When I got back from Arizona, Paul, Max and I attended an 85th birthday brunch for Grandma GG's mom, Jeanette. It was a great celebration. Here are some pics from that event:
Linda and Jeanette, the birthday girl.

Max's favorite part of any celebration: cupcakes!
Max and his friend Alaina holding hands. SUPER cute.

Jeanette with actual and extended grandchildren.

My stepbro Cory Paustian, my older bro Rob, little bro Ben, me, Dad and Linda.
Pretty sure it's the first time in a while we were all in a picture!

Linda, Cory/Cat, Rob (Sara there in spirit), Ben/Jamie (a week before Dex came), Paul, Max and I, Dad.
Just took some family pics with Paul's fam, so Mom/Joe - you two are up next for family pics!


The weekend Dexter was born we also visited because of our own family tradition of the Wichita River Run(me/Paul from our first year dating).

Rob, Sara, Paul, Max, and I weathered the hot weather in the race while Mom and Joe weathered it as spectators. In addition to the 2-mile effort, this was the first year Max could run the Tot Trot. And he could run it with his friend John, the son of my friend Kerri whom I have known since Kindergarten. So rewarding that Kerri and I can meet up, share our stories and our kids, and it's as if no time goes by. It's fun too when our parents/stepparents can see this too. Just rewarding.

Like every weekend we visit Wichita, it starts with Grandpa Joe giving Max a new Cars vehicle.
Grandpa spoils this kid!

Susan, Paul and Max with the River Fest Wagon Master - he's a big deal. :-)

John and Max. Only a week apart. Our little blond boys.
Love it!!

Paul with Max up front and left; Kerri with John over right in green.

The line-up of 2-year-old runners.
So there are no pictures of Max running. The enormity of the situation sort of freaked him out, and he had Daddy carry him to the finish. Upside: we scored an extra medal for Dex. Downside: I deleted the videos because I didn't want Max to see them later. He runs all the time. He's awesome and I love him. Done.

Okay - so that was just the end of May and beginning of June.

More will come. If you don't see yourself or some events, don't worry. I love you all. It's coming!!!

More soon!

01 July 2011


I haven't been great about updating the blog this past month. It's been full of fun things - Day Out with Thomas, a fun zoo trip, our nephew Dexter's baby shower, Max's first theater movie, a move to a big boy bed, Father's Day splashing and swim lessons. So much in one month.

And now, in July, we have our annual traditions of Fourth of July with Fuzzy/GG and Wisconsin. Plus, we'll be having a big 45th anniversary weekend celebration with Ron and Pam in just a week!

Since I'm not sure when I'll get things probably updated, I thought I'd just publish some fun videos. Our little man is growing up so fast. He speaks in sentences, expresses himself, is acting like a big boy in his toddler bed, and is giving lots of love.

Anyhow, here are some videos.

Daddy and Max's favorite thing to do at the pond across the street: Doodlely-Doot. Basically, Paul swings Max around and Max says, "Doodlely-Doot."

Next comes something Paul taught him when we were walking around the plaza - how to chest bump. Hmmm.

We didn't get away for Father's Day, but a couple fathers came to us. Max celebrated in his little splash pool. He's a fish these days. Gotta watch him around that water!!

Today, Max and I hit the spash park at Loose Park with my moms. We ended up having a good time after he got used to things.

And finally, a little of my boy Beethoven. Ha! It is good to see how gentle he is with the piano though.

We're enjoying our sweet little man.