23 December 2013

Christmas is Coming: Winter Miscellany

A few pictures from daily life. Or from my job. Or Max's job. Work. Life. Whatever.

Last week, before it was winter, Max and I took advantage of the warmer temps for some Winter Ball! Already thinking of our Royals! 

The form is coming! 

There was the time he tried to eat the gingerbread train. Don't worry. He got as far as the top of the engine and gave up.

There was the day I was in Hyvee and saw these ice cream treats. I sent this picture to Rob and we fondly remembered having them as kids. Good times.

 There was that KU game when I snapped the picture of Pam elbowing Ron in the background. Ron on the left by the bar (no hat), and Pam with the right to his shoulder. Gotta watch those grandparents. :-)

 There was the impossibly tiny Metal Earth 844 Steam Locomotive model kit that Rob bought for Max in Portland yet left Mommy to put together. I did DAAAANNNNGGGGG good. :-)

The beginning - ish.

Bout ready to join that stuff up! 

And four hours later, Max's 844.
To be fair, Phil did the same thing with a tiny Titanic in Michigan, and expertly packaged and delivered here for Christmas to Max. I must say, despite all of the work, these things are pretty cool.

There was the time it snowed and took down annoying Santa across the street.

Man down! Man down!
There was the time we got 2/10ths of ice and then 5 inches of snow on top of it. Uggghhh.
Happy as a, well, little boy on a snow day!
He seriously woke up, and then he said, "Snow! Oh Daddy, can I please shovel?"
We shall see how long that lasts. :-) 
There was the time he was soooo happy about the shaving kit from Grandma and Grandpa B. And then it turned him blue like a smurf, but it was okay because we just had two baths to wash it off. :-)

He's like a commercial, people. Somebody put this kid in pictures! Oh wait! I did. HAAAAAAHHAAAA!

There was the time Max thought all Christmas cookies should just be trains. And really, in our house, it's all about trains! 
Train cut-out. Check.
What kind of Christmas cookies do we make here? Train ones!! 
And finally, a precious little boy had a long winter's nap. And melted my heart all over again. :-)
Love this cool dude.

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