06 May 2010


So it turns out that Max is a little like Paul after all.

Next stop, the Mamba at Worlds of Fun. Ha!

Happy Mother's Day weekend to everyone. I'll raise a glass to all of the mommies and future mommies. What a big, wonderful job we do!

03 May 2010

May Fun

With good weather comes lots of fun for us. Max has been walking now for almost a month, and he is FULL STEAM AHEAD! And boy has it been a lot of learning for everyone. To quote Stan Lee, "With great power comes great responsibility." We're learning limits, rules, and all sorts of stuff. But most of all, we're trying to have lots of fun.

A few weeks ago, we attended the KU Football Spring Game. Max was a model fan, geared up, sitting on Daddy's lap, and even taking time to pose with the Morris Twins, KU basketball's moved improved players of the year and probably future NBA players.

We visited Deanna Rose Farm with our friends from playgroup.

We spent some time at the park, playing music, and, of course, swinging:

This past weekend, Max visited the Brookside Art Fair, at which he made a pot and got a little flower which he planted in the 1-square foot of backyard that we have.

Max and Daddy checked out one of the city's gators.
We also got a special visit from Uncle Phil, who taught Max some new tricks in his cozy coupe.

And craziest of all, one night, after his bath, Max got free and went STREAKIN' IN THE QUAD!