25 March 2011

One of those days... but not in the way you might think.

So, I'll start this off by saying that I believe every parent, at least, every good one, thinks his or her child is the best. Sure, there are tough days, there are whiny days, there are disappointing days - but a person always loves that child and thinks he or she is the best.

I'm no different. Today, though, was one of those days. One of those during which every reason you think your child is the best manifests itself. I've had a few, but I want to write about it now. It's easier to put into the words now that more time has gone by.

1) Max has patience with others - like my little brother Ben and Paul's mom Pam.

We went to Union Station for today's playgroup to see the model train set up. It's free, Max loves the trains, and he likes other kids. One child is a little aggressive. He has been for a while. Just needs attention. Anyhow, at one point, Max had a toy that the boy wanted, and the boy came up to Max and just pushed him down. To the ground. And Max cried. I picked him up, hugged him, told the boy that pushing was not nice - all of those things.
But here is why Max is the best kid ever: about 5 minutes later, said boy came up to the train table to play. I told Max he needed to share his toys, and he took 2 of the 3 he had and handed them to the boy. His heart is so big. Just like Ben's. And that is really cool for me.

2)Max is sweet.
At the play date, he and my friend Jamie's little girl Jane decided they could share a little person chair and watch Thomas together. No fighting, no pushing. In fact, perhaps a little cuddling. Cutest ever.

3) Max obeys.
Usually. Usually without whining. Enough said.

4) Max goes with the flow.
After the playdate, Max and I came home, ate lunch, and tried to nap. Of course, Max didn't nap. So, after a while, I decided to get him up. We needed to pick up a pizza for the game. Max came with me. He didn't whine. He watched the pizza being made at Papa Murphy's. He held my hand walking to the car. He rode peacefully. After we took the pizza home, Max went with me to the Hallmark store. I wanted to get my friend Elizabeth a little card and gift because she's leaving for Spokane soon. And Max held my hand in the store, looked and mostly didn't touch, and didn't whine when we bought something for someone else. And not him. And then we got home and played.

4) Max loves trains - just like my brother Rob.
I forgot. The reason we love Union Station - Max loves trains. Just like my brother Rob. In fact, Rob came up and we went to a real model railroaders show here in KC. Max loved it. And he loves the little book Rob and Sara bought him called That's Not My Train. Funny kid.

And then we took him to Crown Center and made him sit with a mermaid. Totally random. And he went with it! So - goes with the flow - again.

Eyes up, Max!

5) Max loves the Jayhawks - just like us.


6) Max loves his family.

7) I asked Max "How are you doing?" and he said, "Well." Grammar - AWESOME!

8) I got Max a cookie surprise because he was such a good boy all day, and he loved it and ate slowly and savored it. Just like I would if I were eating cookies now. Darn Lent!

9) Max loves Daddy. Me, too.

10) Max is handsome. Just like Daddy.
Though at Papa Murphy's today, one of the ladies getting a pizza at the same time told me that Max had a great smile. Then she looked at me and said, "Just like his mom." So Max helps Mom get compliments, too. Good kid!

There are millions of reasons every day that Max is our best. But today was one of those days. And it was good. And I'm proud he's mine.

Have a great weekend. Rock Chalk. F.O.E. (which means Family Over Everything for those of you who do not follow the Morris Twins of KU closely enough).

PS. Forgot about another moment: During the running of the errands to get pizza, Max and I rocked out to Cee Lo's "f*ck it" on the radio. It was AWESOME. Censored, and yet, he appreciates the beat. What a kid!