31 July 2012

Papa Bob and Grandma Shirley!

At least once a year, we try to visit my grandfather and his wife, Bob and Shirley Gatton. Sometimes, this happens at random locations (Branson, St. Louis, and so forth), and sometimes, we drive to Paducah, KY, to visit them at home over Memorial Day weekend.

At nearly 94 (this August), my grandfather remains a pretty spry and sharp fellow. And Shirley is so much fun to be around. We always have a great time!

Of note on this trip, it fell right as Paul and I were going through the painstaking task of trying to finally get the Maxman potty trained. Well, Paducah must be our lucky city because that boy stayed dry the whole trip. He used every possible bathroom in the city, but gosh darn it, he was dry! :-)

Paul and I also got to enjoy an unexpected date night. On the Saturday night of our trip, Grandma Shirley said, "You two go downtown for the music (a summer festival of sorts in the art section of the city) and a dinner. We'll take Max." So, we took them up on the offer. We enjoyed dinner and the sights; Max enjoyed time with his great-grandparents. Whoo-hoo!

Max and Papa Bob at the Maritime Museum

What the heck is that kind of boat?!

Max "piloting" a vessel.
Max and the Ohio
Starting the journey toward the Paducah Rail Museum.

Caboose boy.

Playing with Thomas set-up.

Educating us on signals.

Walking Princess with Grandma Shirley.

Hitting the playground with Dad.

Hitting the pool, next.

Wiped out on the couch after swimming.
He looks soooo long here.

Chillaxing with Papa Bob.

Storytime with Grandma Shirley.
Family Pics!

Family, part two.

Max with Papa Bob and Grandma Shirley.  Looks like a happy group!!

29 July 2012

River Run and Dexter's 1st Birthday

Okay, I've been painfully absent from the blogging. Life is busy, peeps. Busy. But I'm dedicating this down-time in August before school starts to catch up on the craziness that has been our summer. And I mean crazy in a good way. So much to celebrate, to have fun with, to enjoy! So I will start where I left off!

Now that Wichita has moved its River Festival to June, the River Run (which Paul and I have done every year since we started dating) happily coincides with my nephew Dexter's birthday!

At the River Run, Jamie decorated Dexter's stroller, and we walked the kids for the 2-mile race.
Paul, Max, Jamie, Dex, and Ben, pre-race. 
Uncle Rob decided to gas us all by running. 
Happy me. Cool Max.
Team River Run: 2005 - present.
Photo credit: Our ever-present cheer team - my mom and stepdad.
Thanks to them for always watching, cheering,
and taking the requisite pictures. :-) 

After the River Run, we met up with my friend, Kerri Maggard (formerly Kerri Bauck), my great friend from elementary school until today. We have boys separated by a week in age, John and Max. The boys play so well together, so we took them to a park for lunch and play time. 

Max and John showing off their medals.
Sliding at Eastborough Park.
Later the same day, we headed over to Ben and Jamie's house to celebrate Dexter's 1st Birthday! What a great thing. Jamie and Ben put on a great party, complete with taco bar, drinks, games for the kiddos, and cake.

Max and Fuzzy - celebrating.

Max shooting monkey faces with a water gun. 

Dex attacks his green alligator smash cake!

Happy Birthday, cutie-putootie nephew of mine! 

Max says the cake agrees with him. :-) 

What a fun weekend. Coming up: I just remembered that we went to Paducah, KY, the weekend before this to visit Papa Bob. I'm already getting out of order! Oh well. Paducah is next.

Happy Melting, everyone!