12 July 2013

Farmer Max: the story continues...

Today at Pendleton's was pick-your-own potato and pick-your-own green bean day. I love these days for two reasons. It ends up being super cheap, $1.25 per pound for golden yukons and give half of the green beans to the farm and take your half for free. Plus, and probably more importantly, Max gets to see from whence comes his food (or the food he sees Paul and I eat).

It was a cool enough morning, so we went out early.

Picking the potatoes right from the ground! 

Pulling them off their roots and putting them in our bucket.

Here he is in the green bean rows.

Little farmer heading in from the fields.

11 July 2013

Party Time: St John's Fiesta and Fourth of July

Summer has been filled with so many playdates, camps, and parties. I feel like we're busier now than ever!

These first pics are from the St. John's Fiesta that the church downtown has every year. We only ventured to it for the first time last year. Oh man - that's some delicious food! Max's favorite, however, are confetti eggs that he gets to crack on Daddy!

As Max says, "Ready, Steady......."


Dancing in the confetti remains.

Some swing time at the park across from the fiesta.
(Creepy photobombing guy in background is no relation.)

On the Fourth, we spend time working on the house, then we went over to the Averill/Neuteboom place for a good old BBQ and some fireworks. Of course, since it's Ric and Jeanne Averill's house, the kids did a bit of theater for us. Trish organized pool time and bobbing for apples. Eric and Ric shot off the fireworks. A good time was had by all, even Max, who decided that he'd rather lay inside on their couch during the fireworks because they were too loud. :-)

Hi T!!

Bobbing. Yep, Max is so crazy he went for two apples!

Max and Bella with their prizes. We discovered teeth marks in all of the apples later. Ha.

Watching the smoke bombs and other daytime fireworks out front.

Rehearsing for the Tea Party Play. Max was cast as King George.

King (Max) George decided it might be more fun to join the Tea Party, since it was a party. Good call.

Shooting off champagne bottles.


And here are two of Max's favorite summer things: Corn on the cob and frozen yogurt!

What a cutie.