23 December 2013

Christmas is Coming: School Pageant

So, it wasn't exactly the Best Christmas Pageant Ever vis a vis the book - or the movie - but it was pretty cute when Max's preK class put on the annual telling of the Nativity at school.

I had actually forgotten to bring the snack that day, so as Paul was lunching, he got a panicked call from me to bring our Cuties and pretzels. As he was arriving, the play was beginning, so he got to watch, too.

Angel telling Mary what is going on!
Max is the middle shepherd in red, holding a tiny stuffed sheep.

All the people gather round the manger.
Max is sitting right by it.

Max is peering at the baby Jesus.
Oh wait. No, he's not. He told us that his sheep was hungry,
and he thought baby Jesus would share his hay from the manger. Classic.
 Here's the video:

And the after shots!

Shepherd - Represent!

Another try at a group picture.

At least Max looks cuddly here. :-) 

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