25 June 2013

Older phone videos dump - Fireman Max and Grooving with Rob

So, apparently my phone can take videos, but it is too inferior to actually send them. In order to put a phone video on the blog, I must set up all kinds of USB connections, and so forth, which I just don't do very often.

As such, I'll be posting some fun videos from my most recent video dump. I apologize for the video quality, but it's from my phone, which is probably several generations out of date at this point. Ha.

 Today's videos are some of my favorites. They were filmed last October, after Max's class trip to the fire station and secondly on our trip up to Omaha later that month.

Up first: Max playing fireman in the house. He has a vivid imagination, and he tries to get us all in on the action.

Up next: Rob and Max, dancing fools. On our trip to Omaha last year, Rob and Max sat together in the back seat. Whether it was boredom or the spirit of the music, I don't know. But Rob decided to show Max some moves. Ohhhhh boy. Enjoy.

If this madness doesn't cheer your day, I am not certain you have a heart. :-)

21 June 2013

Summer Adventures May/June II

Max is trying out all sorts of adventures this summer. 

He is taking a few tennis lessons. Those are interesting, but he seems to like it, and the coach is really good. He has kids of his own, and so he knows how to deal with the little tykes.

We joined the Pendleton Farms CSA this year so we could get some fresh veggies. Max and I ventured out a couple weeks ago to the farm itself, and we ended up in the field picking our own asparagus.

Max loves their farm because 1) it is by the train tracks and 2) he can take tractor rides into the field. It was a pretty fun outing, and we've been enjoying our produce.

Excited to see the train go by.

On the tractor, ready to do some picking!

Field work.

Looking through the fields at another train going west.

Basketful of fresh asparagus. It's like butter. SOOOOO awesome.

Your eyes do not deceive you.

Max ate a green vegetable. Crazy. Guess when you pick it yourself, it tastes better.

We've had a few playdates this summer. Here is one with our great friends the Trenkles of Prairie Village. Max and Annie. Those two. They play so well together that it is almost like a vacation for Katie and me. Ha!

More adventures to come! 

Summer Adventures May/June I

Summertime began quickly, with Max attending a backyard birthday party for his preschool friend Gavin. All of the four-year-olds were giving cowboy gear, and they had a great time in the bouncy house.

Cute buckaroo.

Later that week, Max and I headed over to Clinton Lake Park to do a little hiking. As most moms of kids this age will agree, we will do many an adventure to tire these little guys out in the summer. (School is how many days away???)

This is Max's "cute" pose. Hmmmmm.

Admiring the view.

This pictures reminds me of me. There's a little mischief behind those eyes. :-) 

Heading back to the car.

Over Memorial Day weekend, we drove to Paducah, KY, for our yearly trip to see my grandfather and his wife. Unfortunately this year, Papa Bob's age (94.5) had caught up to his body, so our trip was one of goodbyes.

The next weekend, Max and I went down to Wichita, where, ironically, a B17 Bomber was on display for the public. It was the same plane my grandfather had piloted in WWII, so we went by to visit.

Here are some videos of it. They have a lot of wind sound because my phone doesn't exactly correct for that stuff.

All I could think of while watching it take off and land was how brave those men must've been. After all, each time the plane goes up, the crew has no idea how it will come down. Crazy. We miss you, Papa Bob!

We did a few other things in Wichita that weekend, including a visit to the Exploration Place and Dexter's 2nd Birthday!
Pilot Max.

As close as we got to the dinosaur exhibit. Max doesn't like loud noises, and these dinos were pretty loud inside.

Some quiet reading with Grandma.

Dex's face here cracks me up.

As does it here. Please note, Max asks for cake and ice cream, but he only eats the ice cream.
Lesson: save some money and get him just ice cream. :-)

13 June 2013

The last of the school pictures....

Here are the last of the school pictures I'll post for this year. Max really loved his school, and we think he had a great year. We can't wait to older preschool next year at the same place!

Dressed up as Miss Muffet's spider for Mother Goose Day.
Convenient that his teacher, Mrs. Huffman, was Miss Muffet!

Worm from the Trail Walk day.

Playing on Mom's Day visit!

The last day of school, the kids had a bike rodeo and some water table fun to wrap things up! Max got to put some miles on his new orange bike!

Max and Quinn playing on the water table.

My handsome young boy! 

Throwback Thursday: Spring Snowstorms!

In honor of our hot days of June, I thought I'd finally post all of my cell photos from the snow storms of the spring! Enjoy!

I believe these were after the really, really big snow.

I believe this snow was more than Max's shovel could handle.
Snow Ninja Susan
It's fun to shovel the porch when the snow can fall on Dad.
Max wanted to dig out the grass as well.

Sled break!
Paul coming down face first. Too bad I didn't get the after picture.
Hot cocoa break.
Up to Alvamar
Max discovering that knocking Dad over in the snow is more fun than sledding.
Using the force to keep Dad down!
Putting the vehicles to work. 
Mandatory snowman.
More sledding fun!
Duane digging out the cul-de-sac!