20 April 2011

Lately... April 2011

So we have not done a whole lot lately - basically moving into spring, enjoying the outdoors and so forth. However, we have had some firsts!

First Circus
My Dad had the inside track on some tickets to the Shriners Circus in Wichita a week ago, so we decided it may be a good place to start with Max. I checked out books from the library that discussed circuses so he wouldn't be too surprised at what he saw, but it was still fun to see his surprise at the lions and tigers and what not. He was a great boy, and he sat with Fuzzy and GG for 3 whole hours.

Mmmm - Circus Snacks!

New Easter Train Basket!

Another first: hospital
Mom and Dad took Max to the hospital. Of course, the morning after the circus, my mom said, "Max smells like a fever." He didn't have one then, but when we got back from Wichita, he was up to 102. After Tylenol, he was up to 104. Not right. So I made Paul go with me to take Max to St. Luke's. He went through triage and got admitted. However, after numerous tests, the doc said that it was probably just a virus with a hint of an ear infection starting. Thank goodness.
The docs and nurses loved him, thought he was adorable. (Surprise!) After some more Tylenol and a script for antibiotics, we were on our way. Not my preferred way to spend a Sunday night, but peace of mind is priceless!

Another first: Late Night on the Plaza
On one of the nicer nights earlier in the month, we took Max out to dinner on the Plaza, and we followed up with a nice walk around shops. Currently, there are all sorts of bunnies and creatures on the corners for Easter. This one was Max's favorite.

Next first: Zoo Fundraiser - Pancakes for Penguins
So Max was not so much about the Chris Cakes or fundraising, but he adored the Krispy Kremes near the "polar bear house." Ben - he's taking after you!

Next First: Bucket Truck!
Max still talks about this one. We decided to have the nearly dead pine tree in our front yard taken out. Max got to watch the whole process from first cut to stump grinding. And he still talks about it: bucket truck, chipper truck, dump truck, tree gone. Boy - that kid talks!

First BBQing with Dad
It's just freaking cute!

Not new and not a first. Daily. Sometimes twice daily.
Max and I, or Max and Paul, or Max and I and Paul go over to the pond across the street almost daily. We look at the frogs. We watch the cars go by. We run races on the sidewalks. It's Max's pond. And he tells us so.

Mowing the sidewalk.

We tell him the frogs are hugging.

Ahh the view.

Ahh the geese ruining the view.

Easter Prep
Crafts. Yep, we like crafts.

And now- a video!
Max's first real visit with Emma Lohmeyer (my friend Krissy's little girl) - at his most hospitable.

Soon to come - Easter with the Borchardts, Family Jam time with Mom, Joe and my new piano, Another Trip to Wichita, Jeannette's B-Day, Ben and Jamie's baby coming, River Run Tot Trot, Borchardt 45th Anniversary Celebration, Cottage - just lots and lots.