11 July 2010

Independence Day/Month...

So now our Max is officially 17 months old. He is spouting out words like there is no tomorrow and really starting to put together 2-3 word phrases. Obviously, he gets all of this chattiness from Paul. As he's become more aware, more vocal, and very mobile, he has started to exercise his own desire for some independence. It's a strange concept for mom and dad to deal with. After months of having him rely on us for everything, often we have become the sideshow to other things: books, motorcycles, water, walking around playing his own games. Luckily, Max seems to enjoy sharing what he sees, and that is pretty fun.

The change in him since he turned one seems exponential - exciting and scary for all involved. But it's an adventure at all times, full of scrapes, bruises, cries, whines, hugs, kisses, and lots and lots of Max smiles. Here are some adventures from the last month.

We visited Crown Center to see the Clifford the Big Red Dog exhibit. The play area was crowded, but Max has turned into a pretty good boy at handling other kids. He likes to grab toys, but he understands when it is not his turn and has to give them back. He's also a good greeter, smiling and waving to all.

Max also split an ice cream cone with Dad and watched the fountains outside Crown Center.

Over the Fourth of July weekend, we made the trek down to Hutch/Wichita for some fun with my parents. We spent the night at GG and Fuzzy's, swimming in the pool and getting up for a real July 4th parade in downtown Hutch. Max loved running around the house, having GG cook a special breakfast for him, and he really liked seeing all of the "lololos" (aka motorcycles) in the parade.

After a great visit in Hutch, we headed down before the rain came(the remains of Alex put a bit of a spoiler on the fourth)and made it to Wichita for a cookout with Grandma Cathy, Grandpa Joe, Benny, Jamie, Roxanne, Cheryl, and Huron. Benny is always good enough to get a few small fireworks to entertain Max with, and Jamie always dances with her sparklers. Very much appreciated.

Benny and Jamie - the cutest couple I know. Still. After 7.5 years of marriage.
The Gang...

In other highlights from the weekend, Paul had some extra Marriott points, so we were able to score a free hotel night and let Max swim some more in preparation for our trip up north. He warmed up quite nicely.
One of my new, favorite pictures!

And, Grandma and Grandpa even kept him for the night so that Paul and I could have a date, watch fireworks, and sleep in. Grandpa even got Max a little "lololo" that transitions from rocker, to push-rider, to big wheel. Good times.

Now, to get ready for some time with Paul's family at the lake!