06 February 2015

Spring Concert

Here's a special post for Max's spring concert. He does enjoy his music class so much, so it was fun to see all of the kids have fun.

These are just little snippets. Kelly has some better video which I'll put here if I get it.

More updates soon!

Christmas and New Year

What a crazy holiday season this year. Sped by!!!

Few things signal Christmas around here more than our neighbor across the cul-de-sac putting up his annoying large inflatable Santa. What's funny is that, at this point, Max is over it. Frankly, I am too! 

The other signal of Christmas, of course, is the putting up of the Polar Express. It had its own room this year!

During December, I was back and forth to Wichita a few times to help out at the shop during busy season. Paul and Max found ways to occupy themselves here in Larryville! 

They visited Santa at the Toy Store downtown. So funny, this kid has always, always liked Santa.

Toy Store's picture of Max and Santa
Another weekend, it snowed a bit more here in Lawrence than Wichita, so the boys built real snowmen in from of the lighted one. 

He made a family. Ahhhh.

During the week and some of this faux Spring weather, we found time to rock the new basketball goal with Uncle Rob. 

The weekend before Christmas, we went over to Union Station with the Borchardts for a yummy buffet and a visit to the Christmas Express train that visits every year. 

Me, balancing Max on one shoulder, while in the Christmas Express line.
He's looking awfully sassy there! 
Cuddling with Aunt Kelly in line. 

Little stiff with this Santa. 
 After our adventures there, we headed back to Lawrence to do some early Christmasing with the Borchardts, particularly since Kelly would head back to Michigan in a few days. We do get spoiled with her here.

Fascinated by a super-cool T-Rex model from his Boston cousins! 

Studying that jaw pretty closely. Probably seeing if it matches the one on his shirt. 

A few days later, we headed to Wichita for Christmas with my folks and for me to help at the shop for a few more days.

On Christmas Eve, we spent the day with Dad and Linda.

Jamie survived the vicious alligator attack. Thank goodness. We need her.             

Benny showcased his culinary talents with this lovely Jello Trifle. 

Little love for Nana Nette.

The boys in their matching outfits from GiGi. 

There was also a tickle attack on Rob. Ah - we three!

My handsome bros!
And yes, my hair is that curly. It just is. God made me that way, and then he made it curlier. 
We spent the rest of Christmas Eve partaking in Festivus Ale from Free State and trying to hunt down Frozen, the non sing-a-long version, Max's last request. Despite trying a several places, we failed in our attempts. But the search team did get famous by getting our picture at Target in front of the Big Apple Slice display posted on their Facebook page.

Funny how Rob's picture always seems to make it there. :-)

Mom had a great dinner Christmas Eve and a lovely night was had by all. Pretty sure we all looked like this by bedtime (nod to Joe!).

 Christmas Day was pretty beautiful. We spent the early morning with Max's new Legos. Woohoo!

Lego Madness! 
Grandpa and his little men eating their popcorn and watching Christmas movies. :-) 

As the day wore on and we waited for Uncle Benny to get off work to have dinner, the boys got a little restless. Despite what it may look like, it was actually pretty awesome. The cousins doing a little wrestling and laughing, just like Benny and I always pictures our little dudes would do someday. :-)

After more restlessness, we took them in the backyard for fun times, riding bikes and playing tag. Which really is just a form of tackle Mom/Aunt Susan.

One boy on each leg. :-) 
 We did catch one of the most beautiful sunsets this winter. Just gorgeous.

We had a great dinner topped with gift-giving fun. There was this awesomeness from Rob and Heather. Cracks me up every single time!

Maxie had a hard time sleeping Christmas night. We found him like this on his little bed.
MiniMan cave. Ha!
 Mom and Joe couldn't resist playing with Max's toys. Those guys. :-)
Silly kids! 

We spent a few days down in Wichita and came back after my birthday. The party kept going later in the week with Friends New Year's Eve, hosted by the Neutebooms in their lovely new home.

They are so smart. Invite nice people with nice kids, get a babysitter to watch the kids, and let the adults have food and fun times. They are great friends. :-)

NYE Crew,

The left is Crown Town Ale, appropriately in a Royals glass.
I still miss you, October! :-)
Stacy and Eric thinking hard about Cards Against Humanity. 

Eric in his awesome Christmas shirt. Almost as good as some of his July 4th ones. 
 We made to almost 11:30 and the kids did their own New Year celebration, and we old fogies went home and to bed. Ha!

I think that wraps up the holidays. They really seemed to breeze by this year. So busy. And now, it's nearly little man's 6th birthday. Yikes! 

I have more pictures and videos to come. And I'll get them up soon!