26 February 2012

Snow Day

On the first and pretty much last day of winter this year, we had about 2 inches of snow. Poor Grandma B had gotten Max some snow pants and boots, even a new little-dude snow shovel. So, when the snow came, Max and I decided to live it up!

First, Max started out with the business.

Kid even shovels the grass!

Our very weak snowman.
At this point, I felt I needed to intervene and show Max what snow days are REALLY all about: fun! I started throwing snow balls at him. Eventually, he started to throw them back. I would fall every time he hit me. So he started falling when I hit him. Then, he threw the snowballs at himself just to try to fall down. 

Getting Mommy with a handful of snow.

Of course, we ended our adventure with a great sled ride.

One of my favorite pictures ever!
All in all, we made the most out of our snow afternoon. We rolled around the yard without regard for what all the crazies driving down the parkway would think of us. Grandma B: we made the most we could out of the snow pants and boots. It really was one of the best afternoons ever for us.

20 February 2012

Birthday- continued

Max's actual 3rd birthday was on a Thursday this year, so we did our fun day at the museum, than a few small presents and special cookie (his request) at night. The rest of the presents and fun we distributed over the following weekend, including visits from Uncle Rob, Grandma/Grandpa B and Grandma Cathy/Grandpa Joe. We got fun mail and wishes from Dex, Benny/Jamie, Kelly/Phil, Scott/Julie, and Fuzzy/GiGi. We'll be seeing the rest soon, so really, it's like birthdays and holidays never end. Lucky kiddo!

Birthday cookie that Max wanted.

Making a wish, all by himself.
(Small choke. Seriously, he's this old. NOOOOOO.)

Yippee for my birthday!

Hmm, there seems to be sugary icing on this cookie.

Oh heck yeah!
The face-plant into the cake we expected in year one,
Max finally does in year three. Ha, ha! Still fun!

Blue face!!
Here is Max opening a present from his friends Phillip and Alex. He's always so excited about "vehicles."

Over the next weekend, we made pancakes with the molds from Fuzzy and Gigi. Cars pancakes!

Mater and McQueen. Yum.

What a kiddo. I love that little man. Paul loves him. People just love him.

13 February 2012

Happy Birthday to Max

I cannot believe it. Three. Officially. My baby boy is a full-fledged little man. Holy cow.

We've had many celebrations of his birthday: playgroup, school, home, Uncle Rob, Grandmas and Grandpas. This kid knows how to work it.

Here are some pictures with more to come.

Playgroup: Max and his friend Julia Olson shared a birthday party. Her mom, Elizabeth, was so great to host the event.

Cupcake cones. Yep - I actually made them. Martha freakin Stewart.

Julia and Max.

Blowing out candles.
Max and Luke, licking frosting.
Elizabeth took real pictures, so I'll steal some of hers once I get ahold of them.

He celebrated his birthday at St John's PDO by bringing some rice krispy treats. We took a couple of pictures there.

Birthday King in his crown.

Ms Valla, Ms Nancy, and Ms Brenda with the birthday boy.

Max's actual birthday fell on a Thursday, so during the day, we ventured to Denny's for a free breakfast followed by a first-time visit to the Johnson County Museum's Kidscape.  It is set up like a little town for kids, and they can try out different jobs and activities. It was a pretty fun afternoon!

Making jewelry with beads.

Trains. Durrrr.

Fishing. He liked that a lot!

Checking out the cow's udders. We left that pretty quickly.
We had a good time there and look forward to taking Daddy. Sometime. Soon, I'll post a few more. We're such teases. :-)

09 February 2012

Super Bowl Sunday!

Because Super Bowl Sunday did not revolve around watching football in our house (none of our teams were involved - boo!), we spent some time doing other fun things.

First, Paul found that Crown Center had a new kids exhibit that was sort of a jungle theme, Animal Tales and Trails. So we took Max down there to run around for a bit.

Contemplating hibernating with the cuddly bears.

After walking around the shops for a bit, we stopped in at Fritz's for a little refreshment. Oh how Max loves his train restaurant!

Trying to ignore you...

Seriously, Dad, the hat is embarrassing.
We headed home after that for the big game. However, the biggest excitement for us was that Papa Murphy's had mini-pizzas that kids could make themselves. Paul treated Max to a little pepperoni pizza, and our chef put it together.

Adding the sauce. Serious business.

Cheese - yum.

So, we had a little pizza and beer. I rooted for the Giants and tried to get Max to as well. Sorry, Giselle. We don't care for Tom. 

And then off to dream about the next big holiday, Max's 3rd birthday.