11 June 2012

Max around town...

Here are some silly pics from my phone covering the first few weeks in Lawrence doing new house and "Lawrencey" things. 

Dinner with Uncle Rob at Kokoro. Max loved it until...

...the fire part. He thinks fire is unsafe. Smart kid, I guess.
A little time on Rob's lap made the scariness go away.
One morning, he worn a coonskin cap to the bank. 
We visited the train engine at the park.
Barbershop cuts!
NOT napping one afternoon.
Books in the reading nook.
Patrolling the neighborhood.
Excitement at Wednesday night South Park Concert.
We're trying to balance work on the house with fun and some local flavor. More and more to come!

Mom's Day Program (with video now!)

On the Monday after our Yankees game, Max's school had a mom's day program. My mom was up from Wichita already and Pam joined us to go to KC for the cute little program. Certainly cute. However, we learned that Max is the kid who will just stand and stare at his parents. Maybe we'll hide in the back next time!

Singing, sort of.

Proud mommy with a cookie monster, post-program.
Cathy, Joe, Max, me, and Pam at St John's post-program.

01 June 2012

A week later...

We had lots of excitement over Mother's Day weekend. That Friday, Paul and I had a much-needed date night with Pad Thai and Hunger Games. Yippee!

On Saturday, Grandma and Grandpa Ruocco came up so we could go to our annual Yankees game on Sunday. Paul and I had made an agreement with Joe that we would also where Yankees pinstripes to the game. And we kept our end of the bargain.

Looks like he's posing for a team picture.

Grandpa Joe, Grandma Cathy, and Max. Good times at the ballpark!
Attacking the hot dog!!

Yankees win! Yankees win!

What a day at the ballpark! We sandwiched the game between two severe thunderstorms. Awesome!