05 November 2013

Halloween 2013

Max really wanted to be a bat this Halloween. Not a batman. Just a real bat. Well, we had to do some piecing together because most real bat costumes are for toddlers, not five-year-olds. But we made it, and Max had fun at school and on Halloween!

Preview picture...

School parade - no teeth. Can't be scary at school!

Max's class in a Halloween singing presentation:
Paxton, Devyn, Faith, Max, Thomas, Gavin, A.J., Ben, and Jacob
Effort at picture. His teachers were minions,
which was pretty cool!

Max the Bat with Mrs. Huffman the Batgirl. 
And now, for a little Halloween night music:

For actual Halloween, we added some fangs to Max's mask so he could really scare people. And boy did he try!

Vampire Bat Max

Wandering the halls of pharm chem, scaring Grandpa's coworkers.

Scaring Aunt Nan! 

Trying to hang upside down like a real bat!
 After Grandpa B's work, we headed over to Dad's office at Endowment for some trick-or-treating.

Scaring Baby Jay!

Got this kid covered from all angles. Photo Courtesy of Endowment.
Boooooo! Courtesy of Endowment.


Photo by Endowment.

Trick-or-treating with Duck Dynasty. 

 After Endowment, we went home for some pumpkin pizza, then hit a few houses in the neighborhood.

My cute little vampire bat! Photo by Endowment.

So here are Max's costumes for Halloween so far:
2009: Chewbacca
(Katie Trenkle's Photo)

2010: Indiana Jones
(Also Katie Trenkle's photo!)

2011: Frankenstein

2012: Race Car Driver, Thomas the Train

2013: Scary Bat

He can never say (at least not yet) that he had to dress up as something lame. Our kid rocks Halloween!

Happy Halloween!