11 April 2010

Spring Saturday

We wanted to put together some pictures and videos that charted one of our typical Saturdays. It really didn't seem that busy until we thought about all that we did.

The Zoo
Friends of the Zoo were permitted a sneak preview of the new polar bear exhibit, free donuts, and the opportunity to help build a snake for the new exhibit, Snakes Alive. We were there early, of course, because Paul was afraid they might run out of Krispy Kreme's. I got the chance to catch up with my good friend from eScreen, Dr. Kracht, with whom I ran the marathon a few years ago. He works as a docent at the zoo! Here's a taste of our adventures.

Max and Mom on the Carousel

Helping Build the New Snake


Yard Work
After some lunch and a nap, Max went outside to help Daddy with yard work, part of his true initiation into the Borchardt family.

If you listen closely, you can hear Paul threaten Max with chores to do up at the cottage this summer.

We stopped at the grocery store after a trip to the hardware store. Luckily enough, Hyvee has a horse that one can ride for free!

Max ended the evening with some raviolis. He doesn't eat like this everyday, but it's fun to see him trying out big people stuff.

We sent the little man to bed, and then Mommy and Daddy enjoyed some well-earned steaks and beer while watching the Royals game on the back porch.

Walking The next morning, we wanted Max to show off his walking progress a little.