30 October 2011

Pumpkin Prep

I have a few in between events to post, however, this one is timely at least! Over the past few weeks, we've done a few Halloweeny activities, so I wanted to get these up.

Max has about six books now on the subject, and I'm pretty certain all are committed to memory. He knows all of the important characters, the difference between a pumpkin and a jack o'lantern, and how to say trick or treat when he wants candy.

A couple of weeks ago, we went with our playgroup to the Louisburg Cider Mill pumpkin patch. Good times as usual.

Max and Annie playing in hay bales.

How tall are you???

A nice mom who pulled Max in a wagon with her son.

Thanks, nice mom!

Max and Annie on the hayrack ride.

We tried out our costume a few times - Frankenstein's Monster!

Tonight, we carved the pumpkins!

Sizing up the job.

Directing the proceedings.

Both boys smiling and looking at the camera.
It's a Halloween miracle from the Great Pumpkin!

Cheesed for a picture, then...

...dashed away. Kiddo's busy, I guess.

25 October 2011


Often, Paul and I take pictures on our phone. Sometimes we send them out; sometimes, not. We never remember to whom or which ones. So I've decided that every so often I should just do a photodump with whatever new and cute stuff I have on my computer.
Watercolor painting: a fav for mom and Max.
No real mess, total creative freedom, and cheap.

I've dubbed this one "Little Paul".

An October afternoon at the City River Market. Max got a ride
in the rain barrel train, and he was pretty happy.

(In the green car with the orange shirt)

One cold day a few weeks ago, we stayed in during the morning
and played farm. He's making a gator noise here.

John Deereorama

Paul and I found him napping like this one Saturday afternoon.
He'd taken every stuffed animal in his room and put it in his bed.

Max and I watering his new tree
that Grandma and Grandpa planted with him.

Picking up leaves with Daddy in the dark.

So Borchardt!

More leaf collecting. Hmm. It really must be genetic.

Riding the horse at HyVee. My fav because it is FREE!

Riding a jet in the mall.

Modeling his new snow pants and boots.
The hands in the pockets make the look.

21 October 2011

Legends of the Phog

Max finally got to see his first basketball game in Allen Fieldhouse. Lucky for him, it was the awesomest of awesomes Legends of the Phog game. That kid has no idea how cool he is yet. Kelly flew in for the event too, so it was two for one. One great event plus one great visit, all at once.

Paul and Max going to meet Big Jay.

Some legends warming up.

More legends. Yeah, it's KU, so we have lots of legends.


Wow! So many legends, mom.

Champions. Yeah, we got those, too. A few.

Good times for all!

Vistors! Beka and Steven come to town!

Max's first girlfriend, Beka, and her boyfriend Steven came to town in early September for a visit.
For those who don't know, I met Beka through my officemate at KU, Ellen Kroeker. Her kids, Beka and Peter, became like brother and sister to me, and Ellen and Gil like family as well. My Lawrence family has spread out far across the world: Beka to Arizona, Peter up in Iowa, and Ellen and Gil in New Zealand. However, they are still very much family to me.

It's so wonderful to spend any time with any of the Kroeker-Zemanskys. I was lucky enough to see Beka graduate at ASU a few months ago. In September, we were lucky enough to have Beka and Steven visit us here in KC! Max adores Beka, and he also had a lot of fun with Steven (an expert on little ones).

Making a move during reading time.

Cars. He plays cars with everyone!

With Aunt Beka and Uncle Steven!


More hugs and kisses.