15 December 2013

Christmas is coming: Max and Mom date in KC

So, sometimes Max and I miss our times in KC - running around the parks, seeing our friends, Crown Center, Union Station, Costco, Plaza, Trader Joe's. Once in a while, I get a bug in me and just decide that he and I need a KC day.

For our day, we decided to start by visiting Crown Center. First, we saw Santa. Then we ate at Fritz's, Max's favorite restaurant because trains circle the ceilings, delivering food.
Fist-bumping Santa.

Thinking very hard about his answers to Santa's questions.

Cuddles with the big man.

My photo of the original photo.

Loves eating at the train place! 
 After our time at Crown Center, we walked the walkways to Union Station to see the model train display. They had updated everything for Christmas. And now that Max has been using his awesome Polar Express at home, he was really interested in the scenes at Union Station.

In the front of Union Station, Max took a photo with the big tree.

One of the best parts of our day was a chance meeting of our friends, the Trenkles, at Union Station. Katie was there taking card photos of Annie and Molly. And as usual, Katie had the magic touch and captured this photo of these two cuties. Lifelong buddies. :-) Makes my heart smile really, really big.

Max and Annie. BFFs. (And the mommies are glad of it, too!)
I love taking my boy out for a special day. He deserves it!

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