09 May 2014

Some final Christmas Pictures

Again, apologies for the late posting. I'm just going to put up a sampling of Christmas items so we can catch up to the present. Summer is going to be so exciting that I don't want to linger too long in times passed. 

So, if I could sum up Christmas, I would use the words family and Polar Express. That train took center stage! Yes, Grandpa and Grandma B got Max one, but also, we watched the movie, read the book, and listened to the soundtrack about a million times. 

Also, we spent lots of time with family. This year, we had Borchardt Christmas early, then went to Wichita for the holiday and my birthday. So, here are a few pics spanning the experience. 

Larryville Christmas
Grandpa B getting a flying pig. You'll have to ask him. :-) 

Grandma B and Max going over some gifts.

Polar Express. Lots of these pics!
Down to the 'Ta.

Max had a few Santa presents to open before Dex showed up.
Luckily, Santa knew we were going to Grandma's instead of Lawrence.

Max with his new HO diesel engine.
As he says, all train pictures must be with Uncle Rob.
New train shirt.

The two most cheery Christmasers, Grandpa Joe and Uncle Benny. 

Joe wins Christmas, giving Mom her dad's violin in a fancy display case.
It was up in the house before we left. :-) 

My favorite parts of Christmas: Dex and Max together. :-)
(And yes, it says Happy Birthday in the background because of all of our December birthdays:
Paul, 4th, Joe, 7th, Jamie, 13th, Rob, 14th, and Susan, 27th.)

Snow babies playing on Christmas!

Getting ready to push over the snowman!

Chillaxing with Grandpa and some nuts.
Grandpa Joe and the boys chilling after the excitement of the day.
38 and more flexible and stable than ever before. Boooyaaaaa!

At Fuzzy and GGs - and Ali Mae's.
Max, Ali, and GG posing in the corner. 
Taking a break after the excitement of opening presents.

Resting on pillows from Nana Nette.
Boys trying planking on GG's couch and table. 

These two. :-) 

Thank you to all my families, Borchardts, Ruoccos, and Gattons, for making Christmas so special for Max and for us. We had a nice time spending time with everyone.