06 June 2011

My new favorite thing: Max's Cousin Dex!

So I guess there is only one person on the planet right now that Max will share his Hot Wheels with. And he even spoke of sharing his cookie (from the grocery store) today with. Nope. Not Mommy. It's Cousin Dexter. He loves his some Dexter and so do I!

Ben and Jamie, my younger brother and his wife, welcomed Dexter Reid Gatton into the world on June 2, 2011. After eight years of trying, they were blessed by the process of adoption and got this little guy who is, I will say it, FREAKING ADORABLE!
At Wesley on Friday, June 3. He's so cute!

Max with Ben and Me with Dex. Great moment: OUR kids!

Mommy (Jamie), Daddy (Ben), and Dexter

Visit after they brought Dex home.
Max wanted to drink milk at the same time as Dexter.

I love my Aunt Susan sooo much, I might smile at her!

Pauly and Dexter

Rob, Sara, and Dexter

Joe and Dexter. Joe LOVES babies. Now.

Max was reliving his youth by playing in Dexter's room.

Max still needed some Jamie time. They were pretending to nap here.

And now Max's video debut of Happy Birthday, Dexter!