17 December 2013

Christmas is coming: Preschool Christmas Program

This past Sunday, Dec. 14, Max's preschool had their annual Christmas program. Max and I had started negotiations on program wear well over a month ago. We agreed that if he got to pick the nice sweater, I could have him wear khakis. And bonus, he could wear a digger t-shirt underneath as his own secret. 

So, here is the fashion plate himself. 
Apparently, he chose the sweater because polar bears are cute.
Good enough.
We were a few rows back. We had not bid on the "good seats"
during the pancake fundraiser auction. (eyes rolling)

Chillaxing on stage.
Looking for the parents.
Now, for your listening "pleasure".

And my favorite, Feliz Navidad!

After the performance, Max did a little mugging for the camera.

Gavin, AJ, Max, and Thomas up front.
Paxton, Devyn, Jacob, and Ben in back. Don't think Ben picked his sweater.
Max also looks like a preview of his 18-year-old self. Handsome kid.
Max and Quinn, in front of the tree.
I got this more because he was ready to be done with the camera.
He got goofy and I got lucky with the shot.

After the program, I followed up with my promise to put together a gingerbread train.

Getting ready to glue the pieces together.
Decorating and eating oranges.
Precisely decorating.

Closing in on the finished product! 

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