05 December 2011

Thanksgiving: Beginning of the holidays

Since Max has come along, I think Paul and I recognize how much more we really need to be thankful for as the years pass.

We are thankful for Paul's being employed at a job he likes, we're thankful I can stay home with Max to help raise him, we're thankful we all have our health, we're thankful we like and love each other, we're thankful we laugh, a lot. And we are so thankful for our families.

Each of our families provides something unique to the mixture that we and Max experience.

We got to spend the day before Thanksgiving with Ron and Pam in Lawrence. Max loves to play over there, he loves to sit at their breakfast table and eat his mac n' cheese, and this time, we also danced to Christmas tunes.

Thursday, we spent time with lots of family.

Turkey hat and apron. Gobble, gobble.

Just cute.

A visit with Jeannette, Linda, and my Dad.

Showing off his muscles.

Getting ready for Black Friday.

Crazy wrestling with Uncle Benny.

Grandpa Fuzzy got in on the act!

A couple of sillies!

Leaf fight!

After our visit with Dad, Linda, and Jeannette, we headed to my mom's for dinner. And of course, we had a new guest at the table. Mr. Dexter joined us, along with Jamie's mom and aunt, for dinner.

Dexter takes part in the annual tradition of stealing
Grandpa Joe's food with the long fork. Smart kid.

Pretty thankful to have this little gobbler with us this year!

Don't be fooled by the real food on Max's plate;
he ate peanut butter and grapes a few minutes later.


Little gobblers!

Trying to explain to Max that it is okay for me to hold Dex.

Grandpa's birthday early: Cars 2 Pope and Popemobile.

For breakfast the next morning, Max got a donut!

Grandpa Joe is a lifetime member of the Bowling HOF in Wichita, so he gets free bowling anytime. Just so happens there is a bowling alley right outside of his baseball card shop. Max rolled few while we watched.

Loved the ball return!

Uncle Rob got some Dexter time after spending Black Friday morning/Thursday night with me and then going for a jog with me the next morning. Dex is a little less demanding than I am. :-) 

When we got back to Kansas City, one of Santa's elves, Grandpa B, had left a surprise for Max - Frosty for the backyard! Grandpa had even stood in line on Black Friday at Costco to get this piece of Christmas!

So we are very thankful.
And we are very much looking forward to our first Christmas in our house! Let the merriment begin!

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