05 December 2011

Sad Jingle Bells

Let me preface by saying that 1) Max LOVES Christmas music. And he sings it spontaneously. 2) No Maxes were injured during the creating of this story or film.

So, a couple of nights ago, Max was sort of throwing a little fit. We told him Santa would not like said fit. So then, he breaks out into Jingle Bells. But it was Jingle Bells with the saddest little scowl, bottom lip puffed out, and cracking voice. After the final "Heeeyyyyyy," he looked at us and said, "I'm sad." Then he perked up and did "good Jingle Bells."

Of course, we've tried to get him to replicate this time after time. We have no idea why or how he knew what to do to make it sad Jingle Bells. Freaking genius, I guess. Ha. But it is really, really funny.

We tried to get it on tape, and this was the most I could get. Now, he doesn't like it and will only do good Jingle Bells. Such a performer!

This kid. I love him to pieces!

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