25 December 2011

Christmas with Kelly! (Updated)

Kelly, Paul's sister from Michigan, had a few PTO days to burn before the end of the year, so she came back to Lawrence/KC for some Christmas fun!
Max is sporting his Christmas duds!
Ahhh - Max and Kelly.
Borchardts around the tree.
Pauly and me. ;-)

Grandpa's new Life is Good shirt: " Bring it on" with a picture
of a snow blower.

Vader Nutcracker.

Grandma B and her antique Green Bay Packer bobblehead.
(Thanks, Joe, for the hookup.)

Max is reading to Kelly.

Grandma was ready for the Chiefs/Packers game.
Unfortunately, the Packers were not.

Max, opening the race track from Kelly and Phil.

Racing Cars!

(Video addition thanks to my figuring out how to download from my phone to my computer. I know - I'm an old fogey. I'm learning, people. I'm learning.)

Thanks Kelly, Phil, Grandma and Grandpa, for a great Christmas weekend before Christmas!

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