28 December 2011

Crown Center Ice Skating!

This Christmas, Paul indulged one of my great wishes: taking Max ice skating. We weren't sure how he would react to it, but ever since he saw the kids on Charlie Brown's Christmas special ice skating on the pond, he's talked and talked about it.

Paul took Friday, the 23rd, off, so we took the plunge that morning.

The preshow included a walk through the Santaland by the Mayor's Christmas Tree followed by lunch at Panera.

Then, we headed over to the ice rink for some action!

The skate rental area was crazy crowded.
I think Max's hesistant look comes more
from watching other kids than the skates.

On the rink with Mommy!

Learning how the other kids do it...

Experimenting with Daddy. I have to say,
the kid had a great sense of balance.

Family picture on my happy day!

(Video soon)

Max and I doing the couples thing.

Love that little look of wonder.
It was really a simple, yet great, adventure. And a fabulous day at Crown Center - Santaland, lunch, ice skating, Union Station. Really a quintessential Kansas City Christmas day. Score one for us!

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lisa said...

Tim liked looking at the pics of Max on the train - when it came to skating I asked if he wanted to try it and he said, "oh no, too slippery!"