23 December 2011

Christmas Tradition Numero Uno: Santa Train!

This is our second year of our now annual tradition of visiting the Santa Train at Union Station. It only pulls up into the station for one weekend a year. And Uncle Rob always schedules time to come over to KC and take Max to the train.

This year, Max was able to get on the train twice: Friday with playgroup and Saturday with Uncle Rob.

Friday Highlights: We missed the big group shot in front of the train, but we managed these few.

Red and green cableknit sweaters. Intentional - no.
Cute as heck - yes.
Riding the little rails.

Guess Max thinks he is in with Annie's
family, so he stood in the picture.
Note the hand placement. Ha!

Crayola Factory. Party of 18 - no problem!

On Saturday, we got even more shots, mostly because I had two big helpers with me. :-)

Max and Rob are taking the line for the train very seriously!

Examining the steam engine exhibit.

Inside - so many things to look at!

The boys!

So many Santas!
All four of us in one picture! Yippee!

Walking the rails.

The boys at the head of the train.
Max and Uncle Wob.
Daddy took Max to see the Santa Train at night!

As I have said before, it's so cool that Max and Rob share trains together. It's so fun to watch and enjoy.
Happy Holidays! More to come!

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