22 November 2011

Road Trip

Warning: The Max part doesn't come until later. The first part of this post is about Max's mom and dad.

For the first time in over three years, Paul and I embarked on a road trip sans little man. The occassion? Stephen King, Paul's favorite author, is doing nationwide appearances to promote his new book, 11/22/63. As a belated 40th birthday celebration, I decided Paul needed to make a check off of his bucket list and see SK in person.

On 11/10/11, we dropped Max off at my mom's in Wichita, and we headed down I-35 to Dallas, TX, for an Evening with Stephen King.

Paul actually ended up smiling for the entire hour.
It was pretty cool.

We also got first edition autographed copies of 11/22/63 with our tickets. Sweet. My impressions of Stephen: he's really tall, he's really funny, he's very much a Democrat, and I may want to read all of his books now.

It was a great show - totally worth the 9 hours of driving. We followed up with visit to City Tavern, enjoyed a country band and had a drink or two.
Pretty happy after his encounter with the King.

Friday, we started with a visit to the Dallas World Aquarium, pretty cool, had a Whataburger, then headed north back to Oklahoma. We stopped on the way at the Windstar Casino and made a side trip to the Turner Falls Park area before spending the night in Norman.

Giant Crocs.

Manatees - so cute!

Even though it was 11/11/11, we did not win at the casino.

Turner Falls.

Little embattlement to the right of the falls. Need to research.
Mandatory self portrait.

In Norman, we visited a local Italian restaurant, Othello's, hit up a bar, then got to sleep early. The next day, we visited the OKC Memorial and hit Bricktown for lunch before going to Wichita to reunite with the man.

Little did we know, Max was just fine without us. He got to party a lot with his cousin Dexter, and we all got to have some dinner together before we headed back to Kansas City.

The following is what happened when we tried to get Max and Dex to pose together.

The most hilarious picture ever.

That's Max's "cheese" face for pictures. Beauty, eh?

Max is trying to tickle Uncle Rob.
 The boys excaped to play with toys. They seemed to like that much more than posing for pictures.

Cute! But you can tell, it'll be trouble one day.

Must've been a really important conversation here.

So it was all a big success. Max got quality time with Grandpa Joe and Grandma Cathy, whom we owe lots of thanks for watching him, more time with Benny, Jamie, and Dexter, and Paul and I got a vacation. Win-win.

And, in honor of the holiday, Happy Thanksgiving from Max and his friend Annie - a couple of real turkeys.

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