04 October 2011

My Grandfather's WWII Bomb Squad Reunion

My grandfather, Bob Gatton, is young. You know, like in the 90s young. But seriously, when you meet him, share jokes with him, talk with him about his new iPhone or his college classes, you get it. My grandfather is a pretty cool dude.

So when he told us that his WWII 398th Bomb Group reunion would be in Branson this year and he'd like us to come, we were all thinking, "Duuuuhhhhhh."

Many things about this weekend were awesome.

Getting to do a Happy Hour with my brother, cousin, father, and grandfather. It was awesome. The Friday we got to Branson, Paul/Jamie/Linda/Shirley were great enough to stay back at the hotel and watch the kiddos while Ben, me, Jimmy and Dad went with my grandfather to get a few drinks, read up on the Ducks squadron, buy a bunch of souvenirs and really just be proud of what my grandfather contributed.
He was a pilot/co-pilot in WWII. Brave and awesome.

Breakfasts with the family, especially Grandad with his great grandkiddos!

The mommas and their boys.

Grandad and I like to joke around a bit!
Pretty sure I study Max as much as he does me. :-)

Ben and Jamie and Dexter and Paul and Max and I all got to hang at the outlets.

Too cool for school in these sunglasses. And yes,
he rode about every thing there was to ride.

That afternoon, we swam. Or some swam and some watched. Ha!
Ben and Dexter - both smiling!

Paul and Max - being silly.

Max: Mommy - why are you just sitting around???

The Boys!!

That night, we had a banquet for all alumni of the group and their families. It was really a spectacular thing. So many heroes in one room. And my grandfather had the most generations and most people combined: 4 generations of Gattons and 13 people. Awesome! Plus he got a medal to signify his service and kisses from daughters of other airmen.



Also included in our night: dinner, dancing, and staying up late to talk and reminesce.
Me, Shirley, Grandad, Jimmy, and Sara up front.

Paul, Jimmy, and Dad.

Jamie taking the first turn with Max on the floor.

Max, Dex and Jamie

Ah - the newlyweds. Wait! They just look that way. :-)
GG, Fuzzy, and Max
Linda with Max.

Paul and Linda.

Dad and Max.
 Then Max turned his sights to higher goals.

Max and the Ladies. Come on. You knew it was coming.

Seriously, we don't even know these people. And yet, here's Max...


She got on the floor so Max got on the floor. That kid.

Poor Dex - slept through a good deal of the night.
And most importantly, I even cut a rug with my Grandfather. What a nice weekend!

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