15 October 2011

Hutch/Wichita Solo Trip - Part II: Kansas State Fair

My dad has been wanting to take Max to the fair for a while. Of course, I remember the fair as dirty animals and weirdo carnies. And there were those. However, there was also a LOT of stuff that Max loved: cool rides that lasted a long time, yummy treats, and farm equipment of all kinds. So now, I remember the fair as a pretty cool place where we had some fun.


Max and Fuzzy for his first ride.
Max always likes to sit in the back. Unsure why.

Back of the train.

Back of the dump truck.
Having fun driving from back there!

The motorcycle progression is funny.
1) Unsure

2) A little more sure.

3) This ROCKS!

Fuzzy and GG waving to us as we sit
in the elephants.

Self portrait on the elephants.


On the rollar coaster. With a girl. Shocking.
 She did teach him how to scream on the coaster, and now he loves roller coasters.


Watching a cow getting milked. Very befuddling.

Fairly certain he only touched the cow
to get closer to the farmer's daughter.

 Farm machinery

I'm thinking twice about his driving future already.

Inside the tractor that costs more than my house.
Good thing I let the 2 year old drive.

Not traditionally thought of as farm machinery,
the tank can really plow through some things.

 All in all , it was a great day at the fair. Score one for Dad being right.

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