22 September 2011

Worlds of Fun!!!

Over Labor Day, we decided to live it up and take Max to Worlds of Fun. We went after 4 pm so we'd be half price, thinking Max probably wouldn't last too long. Right. Well, we left at 9 pm. Yep - kiddo kicked it for 5 hours at the park. Crazy!

But honestly, it was SOOOO fun. Once he got the whole groove of waiting in line, riding, getting off, going to another ride, rinse, repeat, he loved it. The Planet Snoopy section had so many rides and a number he could ride by himself.
So, there are a bazillion pictures. Excuse me if I don't edit much. :-)

First Ride

Hopping on the big train for a WOF tour.

Little train in Planet Snoopy
- a happy place where Max could ride most things himself!

Getting ready for the Caterpillar Roller Coaster.





So sweet and innocent. Ahhh.

We took a break to grab some pizza and regroup. Oh - and we rode my favorite ride, the Viking Voyager!!

Viking Voyager
Max loved it until the very last drop. He wasn't too sure and grabbed my legs pretty tightly. But after we got off the ride, he said, "Again, again." Thrill-seeker!

As night fell, we hit the rides in Planet Snoopy again.


Coaster - little more gentle



 And mommy got her reward, too! Funnel Cake! Heck ya!

So it was an awesome day. Glad Paul talked me into it.

It also made me think of all my parents did while taking me and my two brothers here when we were little. It's a LOAD of work to manage even one kiddo at the park, much less three. And it's expensive and exhausting. But is very rewarding, too. And I feel like I got a little insight into just a piece of what my parents did for us when we were little. Thanks guys. Glad we were able to pass this on to Max.

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lisa said...

Great faces, Max! Miss you buddy!

And so true about wondering about our parents and how they did it...I can't remember my parents ever being overly frustrated or tired with us even though I'm sure they were!