15 October 2011

Hutch/Wichita Solo Trip - Part I: Cousins

After we returned from Branson, Max and I decided to go to Wichita to visit Dexter some more and to go up to Hutch to visit the fair. I'm splitting it up into two entries because there are pictures and videos for each. You'll just have to deal. Ha! And hey, I'm only a month behind now.

Max and Dexter: they are cousins and Dex is one of the few babies that Max likes. And the pictures show it!

Showing Dexter how to play construction.

Grandma in heaven with her two boys.

Hmmm. What is going on in that head?


Cycling together.

Grandpa chipping in!

Here is how I make Dexter laugh and how Ben makes Max laugh. We dig each other's kids.

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