21 October 2011

Vistors! Beka and Steven come to town!

Max's first girlfriend, Beka, and her boyfriend Steven came to town in early September for a visit.
For those who don't know, I met Beka through my officemate at KU, Ellen Kroeker. Her kids, Beka and Peter, became like brother and sister to me, and Ellen and Gil like family as well. My Lawrence family has spread out far across the world: Beka to Arizona, Peter up in Iowa, and Ellen and Gil in New Zealand. However, they are still very much family to me.

It's so wonderful to spend any time with any of the Kroeker-Zemanskys. I was lucky enough to see Beka graduate at ASU a few months ago. In September, we were lucky enough to have Beka and Steven visit us here in KC! Max adores Beka, and he also had a lot of fun with Steven (an expert on little ones).

Making a move during reading time.

Cars. He plays cars with everyone!

With Aunt Beka and Uncle Steven!


More hugs and kisses.

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