25 October 2011


Often, Paul and I take pictures on our phone. Sometimes we send them out; sometimes, not. We never remember to whom or which ones. So I've decided that every so often I should just do a photodump with whatever new and cute stuff I have on my computer.
Watercolor painting: a fav for mom and Max.
No real mess, total creative freedom, and cheap.

I've dubbed this one "Little Paul".

An October afternoon at the City River Market. Max got a ride
in the rain barrel train, and he was pretty happy.

(In the green car with the orange shirt)

One cold day a few weeks ago, we stayed in during the morning
and played farm. He's making a gator noise here.

John Deereorama

Paul and I found him napping like this one Saturday afternoon.
He'd taken every stuffed animal in his room and put it in his bed.

Max and I watering his new tree
that Grandma and Grandpa planted with him.

Picking up leaves with Daddy in the dark.

So Borchardt!

More leaf collecting. Hmm. It really must be genetic.

Riding the horse at HyVee. My fav because it is FREE!

Riding a jet in the mall.

Modeling his new snow pants and boots.
The hands in the pockets make the look.

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