03 September 2011

Catching Up! - Wisconsin July 2011

In late July, we made our annual trek up to Lac Du Flambeau in northeastern Wisconsin. With such an active 2.5-yr-old, I was a little worried how the car trip would go. However, Max surprised us by being a champ both there and back. He slept, watch movies, observed the scenery and listened to music. It was a fast and easy, though long, drive.

It's amazing to me how this trip now changes so much each year. Max is able to do and experience so many more things. Here are some of this year's highlights.

1) Cars
Kelly and Phil spoiled Max with a few Cars to play with for the week. This is just a taste.
Max, Phil, and Oil-can Francesco

Here, we also have one of Max's favorite all-time toys: Bubble Mater. This guy mowed the lawn more than Grandpa B - and that is a LOT!

2) Yard work - with a combo of Gator rides, digging with his new tools, and walking the grounds, Max kept himself busy with his jobs. Wonder where he gets that?

This video fascinates me. He's so purposeful in his circling of the house.

3) Relaxation

Hmmm - Kelly seems to be laying down in both pictures....

4) S'mores (may have been more Mommy's highlights than Max's)

(Side note: Wisconsin is NOT a fashion show. Don't judge.)

Pretty certain this is what a s'more coma looks like.
5) Crafts

Painting his own little ceramic cars - very precise.

Pam and Kelly were both making Chewbacca birdhouses a la the Star Wars craftbook.

Craft table.

6) Random Craziness

Not nice, Grandpa!

So the trip was a success once again. Max really likes Grandma's "Up-North House"!

I think this catches me up through the end of July. On to August. Only a month behind. :-)

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