18 September 2011

Playgroup Fun

Here are some fun pictures from playgroup outings this summer!

The Discovery Center near the Nelson has lots of great nature displays. We visited one Friday, and the workers put together a nature show, including showing the kids turtles and snakes, as well as an activity - all spur of the moment. It was a nice welcome from a fun place!

Touching a turtle!

Painting leaves with Aiden and Theo.
Another fun trip took us to the zoo. After seeing some animals, riding the carousel, and playing on the playground, the kids had snacks and posed for pictures. Max made the most of his opportunities.

Group shot: Daniella, Aiden, Julia, Jane, Max

Group shot: Aiden, Julia, Jane, Annie, Max, Theo

Aiden, Theo, Jane, Charlotte, Julia, Annie, Max.
Can you see how he's gravitating to the girls??

Making a move.

And he gets the girl! Poor Annie.

Cause then he looks over at Jane! 
Sly fox.

Back to fun, innocent little boy.

Anyhow, just a taste of some of our fun at playgroup.

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