18 September 2011

Fall Pep Rally/ Storm Damage

As always, we had our yearly tradition of attending the Prairie Village KU fall sports pep rally. 
No crazy storms during the pep rally. Of course, afterward was another story! 

Big Jay - not as scary as he once was.

Baby Jay - even better.

High Fives!

What a nice family picture. Ha! 

My Christmas Card photo. I wish he always kept the beard!

Oh yeah -my husband! Max loved his pom-poms!

Of course, the major thunderstorms that came through later that night did a little tree damage and took out our power for three days. Oh well. At least we live it up when we can!
Backyard neighbor's tree fell against our roof.
At least it didn't rip out the power line right beneath!

Another view of the tree against our house.
Paul and I woke up to the sound of the girls' tree falling on our house. Paul went downstairs to investigate and saw the following happen.

The real culprit in our next door neighbors back yard.
Someone else's tree split and took out the power pole and wires. 

We camped for three days, but it was all good. Spent time at Union Station, the mall, and lots of restaurants!

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