19 August 2011

Catching Up! - July Borchardtorama Anniversary Weekend

Over the second weekend of July, Ron and Pam had everyone back to Lawrence/KC to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary. Pam planned a really fun time with a little something for everyone. I, of course, forgot the camera, so I'm bumming pictures off of others. (Boooooo, Mommy!)

After picking up Kelly and Phil from the airport Thursday night, the rest of the clan - Scott, Julie, Nick, Noelle, and Catie, along with Ron and Pam - joined us Friday morning for a trip to the Kansas City Zoo. The most exciting part was riding the new sky tram through Africa. I think everyone enjoyed that!

We had snacks, walked around Africa, saw many kinds of animals, and I think the kiddos had fun!

The happy couple - 45 years happy!

Pic Scott took of us on the Sky Tram

Noelle with Kelly, then Phil with Nick!

Max and Catie having fun on Daddy and Phil's shoulders!
After the zoo, we all headed into Lawrence, cleaned up and had a lovely dinner at the Oread restaurant. Max was a little ornery at the dinner, so it was a great thing that Phil and Kelly had brought him some new Hot Wheels to keep him busy.

The next morning, my acquaintance Shefaly Lindsay came over to take family pictures. All of them are really great - but here's a little taste.


Pretty cute little family!


Phil and Kelly playing with Max...

Grandma, Grandpa, and all the grandkiddos.


Presenting..... Max!
After the photo shoot and some lunch, we headed over to KC for a Royals game. The game itself was - well - the Royals. But Noelle and Catie classed it up!

Sunday morning, we enjoyed brunch at the Eldridge followed by bowling at the Jaybowl in the union. Nick really got his form down, everyone took a turn with the kids' ramp, and all had fun.
Grandpa is so silly!

That form is coming along!
And of course, the famous video:

It was a really fun weekend thanks to all of the hard work by Grandpa and Grandma getting everyone in place and everything planned.

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