09 February 2012

Super Bowl Sunday!

Because Super Bowl Sunday did not revolve around watching football in our house (none of our teams were involved - boo!), we spent some time doing other fun things.

First, Paul found that Crown Center had a new kids exhibit that was sort of a jungle theme, Animal Tales and Trails. So we took Max down there to run around for a bit.

Contemplating hibernating with the cuddly bears.

After walking around the shops for a bit, we stopped in at Fritz's for a little refreshment. Oh how Max loves his train restaurant!

Trying to ignore you...

Seriously, Dad, the hat is embarrassing.
We headed home after that for the big game. However, the biggest excitement for us was that Papa Murphy's had mini-pizzas that kids could make themselves. Paul treated Max to a little pepperoni pizza, and our chef put it together.

Adding the sauce. Serious business.

Cheese - yum.

So, we had a little pizza and beer. I rooted for the Giants and tried to get Max to as well. Sorry, Giselle. We don't care for Tom. 

And then off to dream about the next big holiday, Max's 3rd birthday.

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