31 January 2012

Chinese New Year at the Nelson

Paul is very, very industrious when it comes to finding fun, local, and cheap (free) things to do in KC. Mostly, these things involve the zoo or the Discovery Center. And those are great.

This month, he remembered one of my FAVORITE all-time KC places: the Nelson-Atkins Museum. Shortly after I quit my job at eScreen, I started volunteering regularly at the Nelson. I already liked the place, but I really grew to love and appreciate it. Since Max has come along, I haven't been able to do so with as much frequency. So I was REALLY excited when Paul remembered that last Friday was the Chinese New Year celebration at the Nelson.

The Nelson, whose former director was a leader in Chinese collections, makes it one of the biggest free public celebrations of the year. So we took advantage!

The Dragon makes his appearance! Max really liked
the drums that went with the dance.

Door-knob dragon. He will bring us good luck. :-)

Max and his swag!

Dragons in Kirkland Hall!

Of course, Max made a little girlfriend...

Posing in the rickshaw!

It was really a fun Friday night. So glad Paul remembered to look up the dates. :-)

Next up - birthday time!!!

(OMG - my baby is turning 3. Too fast.)

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