26 February 2012

Snow Day

On the first and pretty much last day of winter this year, we had about 2 inches of snow. Poor Grandma B had gotten Max some snow pants and boots, even a new little-dude snow shovel. So, when the snow came, Max and I decided to live it up!

First, Max started out with the business.

Kid even shovels the grass!

Our very weak snowman.
At this point, I felt I needed to intervene and show Max what snow days are REALLY all about: fun! I started throwing snow balls at him. Eventually, he started to throw them back. I would fall every time he hit me. So he started falling when I hit him. Then, he threw the snowballs at himself just to try to fall down. 

Getting Mommy with a handful of snow.

Of course, we ended our adventure with a great sled ride.

One of my favorite pictures ever!
All in all, we made the most out of our snow afternoon. We rolled around the yard without regard for what all the crazies driving down the parkway would think of us. Grandma B: we made the most we could out of the snow pants and boots. It really was one of the best afternoons ever for us.

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