20 February 2012

Birthday- continued

Max's actual 3rd birthday was on a Thursday this year, so we did our fun day at the museum, than a few small presents and special cookie (his request) at night. The rest of the presents and fun we distributed over the following weekend, including visits from Uncle Rob, Grandma/Grandpa B and Grandma Cathy/Grandpa Joe. We got fun mail and wishes from Dex, Benny/Jamie, Kelly/Phil, Scott/Julie, and Fuzzy/GiGi. We'll be seeing the rest soon, so really, it's like birthdays and holidays never end. Lucky kiddo!

Birthday cookie that Max wanted.

Making a wish, all by himself.
(Small choke. Seriously, he's this old. NOOOOOO.)

Yippee for my birthday!

Hmm, there seems to be sugary icing on this cookie.

Oh heck yeah!
The face-plant into the cake we expected in year one,
Max finally does in year three. Ha, ha! Still fun!

Blue face!!
Here is Max opening a present from his friends Phillip and Alex. He's always so excited about "vehicles."

Over the next weekend, we made pancakes with the molds from Fuzzy and Gigi. Cars pancakes!

Mater and McQueen. Yum.

What a kiddo. I love that little man. Paul loves him. People just love him.

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