13 February 2012

Happy Birthday to Max

I cannot believe it. Three. Officially. My baby boy is a full-fledged little man. Holy cow.

We've had many celebrations of his birthday: playgroup, school, home, Uncle Rob, Grandmas and Grandpas. This kid knows how to work it.

Here are some pictures with more to come.

Playgroup: Max and his friend Julia Olson shared a birthday party. Her mom, Elizabeth, was so great to host the event.

Cupcake cones. Yep - I actually made them. Martha freakin Stewart.

Julia and Max.

Blowing out candles.
Max and Luke, licking frosting.
Elizabeth took real pictures, so I'll steal some of hers once I get ahold of them.

He celebrated his birthday at St John's PDO by bringing some rice krispy treats. We took a couple of pictures there.

Birthday King in his crown.

Ms Valla, Ms Nancy, and Ms Brenda with the birthday boy.

Max's actual birthday fell on a Thursday, so during the day, we ventured to Denny's for a free breakfast followed by a first-time visit to the Johnson County Museum's Kidscape.  It is set up like a little town for kids, and they can try out different jobs and activities. It was a pretty fun afternoon!

Making jewelry with beads.

Trains. Durrrr.

Fishing. He liked that a lot!

Checking out the cow's udders. We left that pretty quickly.
We had a good time there and look forward to taking Daddy. Sometime. Soon, I'll post a few more. We're such teases. :-)

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